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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

ENTRANCED (09/12/09)

Awoke to what sounded like an airport, a continuous roaring and booming. After a couple of cups of coffee I surmised that the rumbling and roaring must be the sea. The sea is a good mile away and this noise was loud. Daylight gradually surfaced and with it the sun, a wintery dilute sort of sun but nevertheless sun. The wind has gone to be replaced by a gentle offshore breeze.......Marvelous, absolutely spirit lifting, life enhancing, wonderful.

Packed a bag, loaded up the tripod, found the dogs lead and we were on our way down to Porthcothan.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  We were not to be disappointed the swell must be running three to four metres high.

Decided before settling down to give Molly a run on the beach, I'd have no peace otherwise.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Once she had sorted the Black Headed Gulls and got to the lying down stage I guessed we might have enough peace to take some pictures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  They don't move further than is necessary, don't really seem particularly concerned.

Back to the sea.... We walked up onto the headland but not before I'd managed to get both wellies full of water......Makes a change to get wet from the ground up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Waves breaking on Minnows Island.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Will's Rock this rock is about twenty metres tall.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Another big one, we are about forty metres above the sea, in theory!.. I swear I could feel the ground shake and the deep thunderous boom was both thrilling and frightening. Everything covered in spray, a good investment was the giant lens cloth.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     I could have stayed for ever, almost did, a couple of hours anyway.

On the way I noticed a couple of Wrens and a either a Goldcrest or a Firecrest, pretty sure it had a red splodge on it's head. So swapped lenses for a telephoto and set off back. Saw nothing of it or the Wrens. I know where they were so will have another look tomorrow. Practiced on......

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       A juvenile Herring Gull......and the fully fledged version.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       An unsharp Cock Pheasant, on MF and leaning on a Gate Must have been the specs all covered in salt, the grass is not so bad.

All in all a grand day. I hope the sun shone on you.


  1. nice one again, love that shot of molly bet she did not stay there with those gulls around,

  2. Lets hope you get to see the wrens again.

  3. Love these shots of the crashing waves Adrian.
    That sea looks a little wild.

    And Molly; a scene stealer. Cracking shot of her.

  4. Hi Adrian, they are the best at sea scapes, (I don't think that it is in dictionary), well I think its wonderful.

  5. Tony, thanks, gulls one end of the beach her at the other, she's not that fussed about them. Just a matter of high spirits.
    Keith, a superb day, could have been a bit clearer but most of the mist was sea spray.
    Bob, a very good day, difficult to fail thanks.

  6. Adrian - you've outdone yourself! Your shots today are spectacular - I can FEEL the waves breaking! Of course I love the shot of Molly. Can you give her some extra scritches from Canada? (that would be me... not Canada... but that's where I am... lol)

  7. Penny, one of those days, pretty well did it itself. All I did was lug half a ton of gear round the coast of Cornwall----And get wet but only up to the knees. Having advised you on focus go and blow it completely on a peasant, sorry pheasant.

  8. Adrian--In the months I have followed your blog you have posted some wonderful photos but I think this post is at the top of the list. Great stuff!

  9. Gorgeous coast. Could be Oregon. Molly looks very sweet :)

  10. Tricia thank you, as I say. The conditions were if not perfect at least very good.
    Faye, it is lovely and better in winter as I have it pretty much to myself.

  11. A rougher sea certainly makes for great photographs Adrian.

  12. Lovely seascapes Adrian and Molly has proven she is very photogenic. Hope you find the dinky birds and manage a photograph or two... I will have to look up Porthcothan as it seems an interesting place.

  13. Oh wow, oh boy, phew! how fantastic, how envigorating just to see these pictures. Incredible.

    Love the sea.

    Love it when it's like this. (As long as I'm safely away from it.) Fear it. Fear its noise. Wouldn't like to be far from it.

    And where I live, more often than the roar of the sea, we have the screech and rattle of the wind tearing through the masts of sailing boats brought up on land for the winter.

    Love the lighting in these pictures.

    Back to Christmas wrapping. Not meant to be looking at blogs. Trying to resist it. Glad I didn't!


  14. Pauline, I love it when it's like this, just as well must have fifty frames.
    John, it does, thanks.
    Trevor, it's more of a cove really a beach or two SW of Trevose head. found them but the wee devils dive into the gorse and always appear some where different. AH! If it was easy I wouldn't bother.
    Lucy, invigorating sounds very much like lady speak for blasted freezing. Glad you enjoyed them. Think at long last have cracked exposure. Spot meter off a bit with about 50% white bits come down one stop and very little isn't recoverable if you shoot in RAW. Get back to your wrapping and quick!

  15. Having advised you on focus go and blow it completely on a peasant, sorry pheasant.

    HAhahaha!!! "Creative DOF" Adrian - a wise man told me that once. I really like that shot, to be honest!