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Monday, 14 December 2009

A GREY DAY (14/12/09)

 We drove the six or so miles up to Lydford Gorge at first light. Difficult to tell, a murky chilly morning not looking too promising for pictures. The object of today's foray was the tallest waterfall in Devon. The gorge is owned by the National Trust so was prepared to be charged a Kings Ransom to get in. Things started to look good when having disembarked from the van we found the place closed. A convenient gate solved this small problem. We had barely walked two hundred yards when we met a Trust employee coming in the opposite direction. Very helpful he was too, he comes every morning to feed the birds. They have a hide and he kindly gave us directions. So off we headed for some more blurred birdies. Here they come.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       A Great Tit.....Feel free to correct my dubious identifications.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      A Grey Squirrel.........Pinching the birds nuts (excuse the expression)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Female Chaffinch.



There were dozens of these. We stayed for an hour and a half till Molly started whining and generally making her presence felt. Not really that much about. A young Kestrel made a couple of disruptive appearances after it's breakfast. Not much chance of success as the birds had long gone when it emerged over the feeders.

We continued our wander in search of the waterfall.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Found this old mine adit which it seems is now home to several species of bat. Might have had more luck with them they don't move in the day and not at all at this time of the year.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As is usually the case I find it hard to get a good perspective on falls. I suspect the only way is to abseil down from the top snapping as you go. There are some big whirlpools in this gorge but the bird feeder said not to go as it was closed for the winter. He'd been kind to me so I accepted that it was shut. It had also started to rain which clinched the matter.


  1. I am pleased to know you are better and taking molly for a good walk even though she gets borred watching great blue tits and other birds for an hour and a half. lovely photos again, well done, its ok for us brits the others do not know what the slang word is for Girls. and its best kept that way they have taken some of our best words , and used them for something else. Like Gay to be happy,
    keep warm I hear the weather is going to get colder, and if you would have waited you may have been able to slide down that waterfall to get some snaps,

  2. Hi Adrian.
    Nothing blurred on those bird images. The Robin is fantastic and anyone would be more than happy with that shot...well done indeed. Willow Tits and Marsh Tits are very difficult to tell apart and I would say the Willow is much the rarer of the two. The head on your photograph does appear to be shiny which would indicate a Marsh Tit....again left to the Judge.

  3. Lovely images Adrian, and Lydford Gorge is lovely. One of my favourite places.

  4. Nothing much wrong with the birds Adrian. The Robin, and I think, yes, a Willow, are looking pretty sharp to me. The female Chaffinch is a boy. ;)
    Love that last waterfall shot. Great feel of movement.
    The bat cave looks interesting too.

  5. Your pictures are great, and quite a lot of Birds. Unlike you. But they are very very good.

  6. Tony, would be great to see it frozen.
    Trevor, Thanks for putting me right, Have several pictures of Marsh/Willow Tits will see if I have a back view. Good place.
    Angie, yes a very interesting place. Better with no one about. A touch over managed maybe.
    Keith thanks, Robins usually save the day. The new technique is to prefocus on a twig and wait for the bird to come to me.
    Bob thanks, praise not quite warranted yet but feel I'm getting there slowly!

  7. Amazing shots!!!! Love the squirrel shot, its cute and the water fall is fantastic!!!

  8. Sishir, they are photogenic but something of a pest. They are not native to the UK and have all but driven the Red Squirrel away.

  9. Your birds are fantastic, Adrian! And I love the squirrel pinching the birds' nuts. LOL - once again you've got me giggling at my desk, and my co-irkers asking me what's going on. :o)

  10. Thanks Penny, Good job you have!! Nearly as good as the one I don't have. Do your co-shirkers all blog as well?