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Thursday 24 March 2011

NOT A LOT GOING ON (24/03/11)

Another crisp frosty start to the day. A fair bit of mist about and no sign of the Deer or anything else much.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Chatsworth house in mist.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          A Pheasant tiptoeing through the frost.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A Coot and…………………………………………………



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The blackbird hoping alongside as we returned for breakfast. He seemed totally happy with the dogs and they returned the compliment by ignoring him.

We went out again mid morning but the place was thronged with people so back to the bridge. The downstream side of it today. this is it’s better side as it has a pair of statues on this face.

 _3242554_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1      Still no wind so still still water.

_3242569_70_71_72_73_tonemapped_edited-1      A Willow springing into action.

_3242574_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1Another corner of the house.

_3242589_90_91_92_93_tonemapped_edited-1The Hunting Tower hiding in the trees.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Hundreds of sheep and a couple of equestrians……..they are the ones on horses.

That’s all for today tomorrow we are off back north but I will have another look for the Deer first. I did find them just before noon but they were a long way off and in the open so no chance of photos.


  1. Lovely photos Adrian, I like the buildings.

  2. I could get lost in these photos. So beautiful. That water is so still, that it turns the arches on the bridge into perfect circles.

  3. Another exceptional set Adrian.
    A beautiful place you are staying at.

  4. Bob, it's been a good week or few days. The weather helps. It's a pity about the scaffold and also that the valley lies north south. Was going foe a sunset today but then the mist came down.

    Hilary, It is a beautiful place. I switched the HDR processing to the latest version of Photomatix. It has taken some getting used to but I think I'm heading in the right direction.

    Keith, it is a grand spot but snided out with tourists......one has to be out early. I am having a good run of weather as well. The camp site is a bit crowded but they are in their scratchers till nine o'clock I have finished wandering by then.

  5. Another great set of pictures from this place. The bridge photo is just marvellous, and the first one of the House in the mist too. And the willow. And... They should be made into a series of postcards or something!

  6. For me Adrian it has to be that first shot...lovely tones and lots of atmosphere..you actually get a sense of the age of the place plus a feeling of mystery....I love it..!


  7. Monica, that was shot through a telephoto lens. I quite like the effect. I always push colour balance into the warmer tones. Odd because I dress in blue from choice. Take a psychologist to sort that out. I would like to gain the confidence to sell work but no way I am good enough, yet!

  8. Trevor, I love your stuff, I went out looking for Deer. Amazing what carrying a camera does to enliven a dull wander.............Within the next week or two I'm going to shoot people. I've done it now and again but humans are hard.

  9. Getting a little behind lately Adrian.
    Looking through your posts I see I have missed some superb images. You really are coming up with some very interesting photographs. All the practise is now paying dividends. It is many moons since I was last at Chatsworth. It is indeed a beautiful place and you have captured it well.

  10. Trevor, you are too kind as usual. I was brought up three miles over the hill so it's familiar territory.

  11. Truly enjoyed the serenity in your images. Must be most refreshing to meet the early morn before the masses. The delightful weather adds to the scenery, along with your special touch. Got a kick out of the pheasant 'tiptoeing', and the camaraderie between the dogs and blackbird. (Great detailed photos of the birds, too)

  12. I think these photos are lovely,but what interested me the most was the hunting tower.It is the only tower in existence that is the same as our tower ( castle ) I believe the same plans were used for both Hunting Lodges.Ours was built for the first Earl of Cork in the 1500's.I have never seen the one at Chatsworth,so if you could get a closer photo I would love to see it.
    Ours was originally just three towers,but it had a wing added,at some time.

  13. Glo, getting out early is a necessity here on a good day. The house grounds are wonderful but one has to pay........waste of money when they are full of people. Odd the Blackbird is almost tame....i wonder if it was hand reared.

    Carolyn, I'm back in a couple of weeks all being well so will have to wander up there. I have a lady to take some snaps of. They are likely to be very strange images but I will take some without her in.

  14. Hi Adrian, all the fotos are nice, I like especially the firts one, with the castle and little morning fog....

    really nice

  15. Laura, thank you and keep painting. I'm useless by comparison with you. have fun.

  16. So majestic, that house! Love the reflection of the bridge. I've read your comments on GB's blog, but this is my first visit. Love your photos. You have quite beautiful scenery to behold.

  17. I love the opening shot, and the closeup of the blackbird.

  18. Scrappy Grams, thank you very much for popping round. It is beautiful here. Difficult to do it justice.

    Jolynne, we have had a good few days. Several projects to concentrate on so I could do with a few rainy days. Two would do!!

  19. This is an amazing set of images considering you were unfortunate to be met with a load of scaffolding at Tourist shot 1 in a previous post. Sorry, I can't pick a favourite from these as they are all good.

  20. Jay, thanks. Good weather helps things along.