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Wednesday 23 March 2011

THE WALL (23/03/11)

We are parked in a corner of Chatsworth Estate. Very pleasant it is too. A grand day is promised. It was cool first thing but we got out as dawn was breaking. A bit chilly with a light frost but no wind so a lovely morning.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are in an old walled garden and what a wall…………..smashing colours and texture.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA little bit of Chatsworth House, a magnificent building. Unfortunately I can’t show you the rest.



_3232483_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1   Queen Mary’s Bower House. Mary Queen of Scotts must have been detained in every house in the country with more than three rooms………when they ran out of houses they chopped off her head………seems a bit harsh but times were different then. The last image is HDR as are the ones that follow.

_3232493_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1 The bridge over the river Derwent and access to the house……….I still can’t show the house.



_3232508_09_10_11_12_tonemapped_edited-1   The river Derwent and a couple of reflections.

_3232513_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1This pile of sticks on a wall is a sculpture by Laura Ellen Bacon. It’s actually called The Swarm………….The wall was designed by Adrian Walker.

Okay here is the house. The Duke of Devonshire must have had the double glazing salesman round. Just sign here your Dukeship and you'll save the cost of the windows in reduced heating bills……… I bet he neglected to mention it’ll take about two hundred years!

_3232518_19_20_21_22_tonemapped_edited-1   That’s all for today.

Tomorrow I’ll go out with the long lens as there are Deer, Heron and woodpeckers to annoy.

All images will enlarge.


  1. I was at Chatsworth the other day and was disappointed to see the scaffolding up. Went for a nice walk through the park and Stand wood above the house. I've taken a few snaps over the years http://www.flickr.com/photos/dsas/tags/chatsworth/

    Didn't spot The Swarm though, where is that?

  2. A wonderful set of photos, Adrian. The reflection photo of the bridge is stunning, and I just love things like stairs leading nowhere... ;)

  3. Hi Adrian,
    I really like the shot of the 'Wall' of the Old Walled Garden.
    Great colour in the bricks and the composition appeals to my slightly offbeat compositional mind......

  4. Dsas, So I see, lovely photos you have on Flickr. The swarm is just upstrem from the bridge and it's reflection you took. I flipped mine horizontally made for better composition. I never let the truth get in the way of a better image.

    Monica, thank you. I love reflections and shadows as I know you do. I have shied away from them in HDR but am just starting to understand it. I too think that one worked. Rarely am I satisfied with what I produce. With justification usually.

  5. Trevor, don't knock the way you see things I think your pictures are fine. I would go further they are brilliant......like a good novel they have a twist in the tail.
    Back to me.....there's a dog crap bin in the middle of the brick arch........that dictated composition so I can't claim credit. There are Philistines about everywhere.

  6. Adrian, these pictures are superb. A real treat for the eyes.
    I love the bridge, and the river Derwent.

  7. Gorgeous photography here, Adrian.. of such a beautiful place.

  8. Keith, it's the place not me. Early morning helps but I started a bit early. Lugging a tripod and the works is no joke. The bridge is the image of the day but still could have been better. I shot twenty frames in bursts of five and still missed how magical it really was. What keeps me going. The strive for perfection...Unattainable I suspect. Thanks.

    Hilary, thanks for the mention. I'll look at all the people you mention....never realised I was there. Am Honoured.
    Difficult to fail completely here though all too easy to reproduce inferior versions of what other photographers have done.

  9. All great images but the fourth from the bottom, the reflection, kept me coming back for a second, third and forth look. Thanks.

  10. I have some very fond memories of Chatsworth (or perhaps more honestly of the person with whom I spent time there) and it's lovely to be reminded. The bridge reflection photo is superb and The Swarm is fascinating: I like it!

  11. For those of us who don't have such wonderful historical locations, it is a treat to see your photos and how you present them. The bridge knocked my socks off, (which was quite painful because of my gammy knee ;)) Just amazing, and well worth lugging your tripod etc. to share with us. Congrats on being a POTW at Hilary's!

  12. Dale, it was a lucky find. Thanks.

    Graham, I like the Swarm. I just hope it survives the tourist swarm this summer.

    Glo, I'll get some more later. I'm glad you enjoyed the quick look round.

  13. I love the Swarm, it looks like it doesn't belong there. All the rest of your pictures are breathless, beautiful.

  14. Wow, Adrian. I cam late but I'm glad I came. All the photos are strong but I especially love the arches, stairs and stick sculpture.

  15. Bob, than you very much. I too am a Swarm fan. I'll get a series of them tomorrow.

    Jolynne, I'm glad that you are glad you came. It's not often I'm pleased but I was happy with that one of the bridge. It could do with a little more cleaning up for print but as a diary photo it's fine. The Swarm is growing on me.

  16. It's nice to something that I haven't seen for a while. It must be initially disappointing to see the scaffolding up but you have made light of it as historic buildings need maintenance. I love the exposure, processing and reflections.

  17. Jay, glad you enjoyed......They could have put printed scaffold sheet up. Be good to see what's it's like when they have finished.