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Thursday 10 March 2011

WHAT CAN I SAY (10/03/11)

We arrived back in Keswick yesterday. Hardly got a wink of sleep last night. Squalls driving through every ten minutes bringing heavy rain and hail. Today is worse so a shortage of snaps. Snow forecast for tomorrow but I suspect the Met. Office make up the forecasts.

The first three pictures are all shot through a long lens and from the near vicinity of the truck. I am daft but not senseless this hail would make me bleed. I’ve never thought of a long lens for landscape work but they do give a different perspective.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This mountain is called Robinson………I hope.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Skiddaw. It’s summit in the cloud………………My favourite from today is ……………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Cat Bells………………the sun hit it just right………….twice. The first time I lost the dogs. The Canada Geese were trying to establish territory and the little horrors decided to join in the fun. Nothing like a Goose raising Cain to attract a terrier.

I’m going to have to look into selective sharpening. yesterday I printed an image and inadvertently sharpened noise. An expensive mistake with art paper at a fiver a pop. For the web I can get away with minimal sharpening. It depends on the image but at 72ppi and 1k pixels on the longest side I use between 0.8/1 pixel radius and 80/90% amount. For print 4/5 and 125/140%. It’s an art form all to itself is sharpening. I’m considering using the High Pass filter and painting a mask in. That will keep me from the lunacy that follows.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Psychedelic or what? Birds treated to the Harris filter effect. I had to bribe this Canada goose with Rivita and corn.

The answer to the cryptic clue from the last post is…………’Broad in the beam’. Keith at Holding Moments got the ‘in the’ bit………….Went down well!…….I’ll not bother with crosswords anymore.

Hopefully we’ll get out tomorrow and come back with something a touch more edifying than this.

All the best.

This post is dedicated to Mark Weir who died on Tuesday. He resurrected the Honister Slate Mine and was an all-round good guy.


  1. Undoubtedly the most colourful Canada geese I've ever seen... Sounds like your weather has been much like ours which makes me fully understand why you turn to experiments on the computer instead of being "out there" ;) ... The mountain pictures are impressive though.

  2. Your 'favourite' is mine too Adrian.

    And the geese? I thought I'd gone back on the weed for a minute.

  3. I'll have to get myself over to the Lake District quick and see this wonderful flock !! Great shot of Catbells, I like it too. I can never remember the difference between Robinson and Hindscarth, I suppose I would do if I climbed them both on separate days.

  4. You are giving me massive doses of UK-sickness with those Lake District images.

    I assume the sharpening paragraph was written in English??

    OK. It's all your fault! I had a look at some cryptic clues in the paper yesterday's Dom Two-Speed (Cryptic and non-cryptic clues). I even understood some of them. However I was defeated totally by:"Always is back on the practice of turning inside out" (8). I do have some letters but won't confuse the issue.

  5. Catbells came out very well.
    As for the geese - at first I thought it was an experiment with the old red / green 3D gone wrong.

  6. Monica, the weather is vile.....sorry about the geese.

    Keith, I'm fast coming to the conclusion that the Harris Filter effect is crap.

    Jay, One good snap out f two days is better than none at all.

    Graham, sharpening is not easy. For all I know about it the paragraph could be written in Hottentot .
    The answer to your clue is EVERSION.
    Always...ever......Is back...si and on.....on.

    John, It is in a way. Elements does not have colour channels so I have to separate my own. Why?I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

  7. I like the psychedelic affect, man.

  8. Thanks Adrian. I'd never have got that in a million years. My mind just doesn't work that way. In fact my mind just doesn't work.

  9. Bob, it's just Tomfoolery.

    Graham, I started doing cryptics years ago. Like most things it's familiarising ones mind with the genre. Not worked to day, I have only got eight so far.