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Saturday 26 March 2011

ONE IS SORRY (26/03/11)

Yesterday we moved from Derbyshire back to County Durham. It was an foggy start to the day but before I left I found the Deer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Fallow Deer in fog at high ISO. Then pushed, pulled and shoved. I’m sorry  dears but if you won’t come and pose properly this is the result. Blurry Deer! These are all males. The females will be away looking for suitable places to hide their fawns, which will be born and hidden in a couple of months or so. These are very difficult to get close to as they have superb eyesight and a better sense of smell. The fawns don’t smell at all during their first few weeks of life, they don’t but most likely can and mum leaves them hidden in bracken for quite long periods. Even the dogs can’t find them. In some ways they are not as interesting as Roe Deer……..the latter amazing creatures can be half pregnant. They get serviced and then hang onto the job for a month or two. Another false paradox. They are not that amazing however as they can’t be half dead! How did I digress onto Roe Deer when I haven’t a picture?………Desperation!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    This is the view this morning. I don’t know what this unharvested crop is, Rape I suspect. Why? I don’t know. Many farmers now leave a strip of crop as a source of winter food for wild birds and the accompanying grant. A whole field seems excessive. I will make enquiries.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I didn’t want to be left out………….half the posts I look at have daffodils so here are my two Daffodils worth. Not brilliant but taken with the new macro lens. A Sigma 150mm f1:2.8. I could do better with this and in time there’s an outside chance I may. It’s sharp as a pin…………..I felt the pain purchasing it.

Now things start to get a wee bit silly………….

brtree My favourite image from last the last week Chatsworth Bridge. It wants a lot of work as there was a bin bag draped over the twigs behind the last clump of daffodils. Had I noticed it could have been removed manually. I used the healing brush. All too obviously if you enlarge it. Now we, that is a royal we, I, would be accurate, get really silly.

Bromoil This is called Bromoil. A technique developed during the days of film. One took a fresh print and bashed black ink into it with with stencil brushes. Why? No good asking me. I bought a comic on the way up. ‘Digital Photo’. It’s not a bad read. I suspect the technique should be used with decorum and discretion. It’s not their fault I only understand full throttle and half the instructions. If a jobs worth doing it’s worth doing it twice!

I’m hoping to visit Raby Castle tomorrow. We’ll see what that produces.

Have a good weekend.


  1. It does rather look as if the Bromoil picture has been left out in the rain for a while then stored in the attic for a couple of decades.

    I very much like the photo of the crop of . . . something.


  2. The Deer is beautiful, and the others.

  3. Lucy, it is far from the worst picture I've ever posted. Though I agree it would have been better left in the attic............been better dropped in the bin.

    JoLynne, I'm glad a bit of the post appealed. I was struggling.

    Bob, cheers at least I found them.

  4. the bridge and tree image is awesome. The equipment I use for removing items is a bit basic and irritating at times. I think it's time for me to splash the cash.

  5. Jay, The bridge is the best of the week. Photoshop Elements 9 is good value.

  6. I'd be reet well satisfied with the bridge too if I'd taken it. As it is I'm happy with the daffodils. It occurred to me this week when Pat said that my garden and her house were full of daffodils, that I haven't seen a daffodil display for 6 years. I miss them in the UK and then I miss then again when I come here. Bummer really 'cos I love daffodils.

  7. Graham, the bridge was the best of the week.