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Thursday 3 March 2011

WINDOWS (03/03/11)

Brrr! It was a touch chilly last night and a touchier chillier first thing this morning.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dawn from just outside the truck………a bit hazy……but far from unpleasant.………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I love this weather and with a bit of luck it will continue. Sorry I missed the bit of dust, I was only half awake. This is not a valid excuse, most of the time I’m only a quarter awake. One should be able to function in ones normal state of consciousness. I need a software upgrade.

After breakfast and the crossword, did the Telegraph Cryptic…..Almost, only two missing today. We set off for Muncaster Tarn………it’s not two hours away as it looks on the map but a steady hour and a bit. It’s a grand place on a still cool morning.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is a stitched panorama. when we arrived the water was completely smooth the ripples are from the dogs who were chasing in and out of the Tarn…………Bet Ansel Adams didn’t let four dogs come between him and his art. Doubt he had as much fun as I do. Life is a matter of give and take………..I give, the dogs take.

A few more reflections………………


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I was going to climb higher for some stunning views across the Lakeland peaks……..couldn’t even see the other side of Eskdale…………..every cloud has a silver lining………saved a walk!

That is about it for today but before I go I’ll put my silly head on for a while………….Did I remember to take it off yesterday? Must have. I’m like Windows…. ‘Do not power down whilst updates are installed.’

Here we go……………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Grass and trees……………..and wet knees.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPines in soft focus………or pines in the bin. This like my videos didn’t work out too well. I am still a big fan of Michael Orton………Not his fault I’m a Muppet.

Whilst I’m in Orton mode I posted a picture of some scrap the other day………….it got rave reviews! Well someone said it was okay. I did say I would show before and after……forgot, must have powered down before the updates had finished installing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Farm cart before and straight of camera. I prefer lead in features running bottom right to one third left. Opinion is divided so for the last month I’ve been composing this way or arse about face way…………now I quite like it. Thanks to all the sinister viewers I’ve become an ambioptic.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Here it is after a good five minute seeing to. Now that is magic.

Unlike this, we walked down to the estuary but our way home was flooded.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   You would think that after half a lifetime at sea I’d realise that salty water goes in and it goes out. Bill Gates please sir…….. I need my hard drive re configuring. Send me one and I promise not to switch off or power down or look at Thai Ladyboys whilst you sort me out.

Tomorrow we are off up to Tan Hill for a weekend of Irish music…………Granny Smiths Maggot are headlining….Like the Dubliners on speed, Enya it isn’t.

I will ask for permission to video and record………..they’ll have a spare microphone. If they say no, I’ll ask for my money back, storm out in a paddy…….sorry, huff, don’t want to upset the micks and mickesses before I’ve even met them. I’ll away and look for Black Grouse, either the bird or the whiskey.

Should I not post tomorrow have a great weekend.

As usual click an image for a bigger view.



  1. Great clarity in these images Adrian - very impressed...
    Enjoy the 'gig' up at Tan Hill....you lucky man..!


  2. Lovely shots. I love these misty, chilly mornings too. I actually quite liked the soft focus pines. I'd never heard of Michael Orton before but have been checking him out. Interesting technique. Every day's a school day.

  3. Hi Adrian, the srie is very good, and especially in some foto I can feeling the cold of that day, well done

    :-) see you

  4. Trevor, Ta the clarity is down to sharpening. for 72pixels per inch and 1K pixels on the longest side try 0.8 to 1 in pixels and about 90%/100% amount. If you have shot in low light things suddenly get much more complicated. You must not sharpen the sky or flat uniform areas of colour. Digital is good but it is not point and shoot.
    Your picture this morning would need about 0.5 amount and 35%. Monochrome is a devil to sharpen. Tis all a laugh. I have another blog where I post misleading techniques if you want anything then let me know.
    We are off on the piss at Tan Hill. Could take a week to come round.

    Gaz welcome back......don't need to tell you. As you know these are a Photoshop approximation.I tried it with transparency film......every one a disaster. I did three!
    He most likely did hundreds.
    PS even your dad likes the scrap cart. You will have seen how to recreate them on t'internet try masking the last layer in the process and revealing the sharp layer beneath with a brush at 10%. Quicker to do three sweeps than start again .Thanks.
    And tell your dad it's no good hitting software with a mallet.

  5. Laura, it was not that cold I pushed the temperature a bit...more than a bit. Thank you.

  6. Your pictures are fantastic, I will swap?

  7. Bob, I guess it's a case of grass been greener or horses for courses. If I manage a Black Grouse this weekend then I'll be like a dog with two tails, worse, I'll wag my head right off.

  8. Sun, tarns, reflections, soft focusing, it's all good here well done. Just heard that a friend wants me to do Muncaster Fell with him at Easter, I'll have to see if I can fit it in.
    Enjoy Tan Hill. You'll be well known there now as a regular.

  9. These photos are wonderful ... one and all but that first one just blew me away. What a stunning shot.

    Hope your weekend is great.

  10. Jay, it's an interesting walk on a good day. I go up there a fair bit in winter......summer I can't decide where to go. Thanks for the kind comments.

    Hilary, I'm so glad you enjoyed them. The weekend will have to be managed carefully. It's a mad house I'm going to.

  11. Hitting software with a mallet? Moi? Never!!

    I've too much respect for your efforts, Adrian. Needless to say, however, I'd have just pushed the cart picture a little perhaps and published it that way. I'm definitely not as adventurous as you are.

    Anyone who can do the Telegraph (fascist rag though it may be) cryptic has to have my undying admiration.

    Why four dogs?

  12. Great post again Adrian.
    Love the pictures, but the pines really stand out here. Printed up, it would make a good wall hanger.
    Enjoy the weekend. If only I could get up there ;)

  13. For me the best photo is the b/w grass and trees.

  14. Graham, no you would use your fist. Mallets might get dented.
    Four dogs bcause i'm in company with another Old Age Traveller, travellers have dogs.
    I am very left wing.........Michael Foot left wing. Used to take the Guardian but got sick of the illiterate folk they employed. Telegraph sport is good. Their cryptic and suduko, well I can zip through the Times Suduko can't start the crossword. I finish the Telegraph cryptic about once a week. Canard as they say in France!
    As you know by now I am not an expert but love the art of photography. Art is fun and never more so in this digital age.

    Keith, For me using this effect sometimes works and sometimes not. I post and learn so much from the comments. Love them good or bad.
    If you want a winter break then there is nowhere I'd rather be.

    John, Ta I got soaked lying down, took five frames at different apertures this was the best. I have a friend up for my birthday week and it is an antisocial hobby. I would have happily sat for another twenty minutes waiting for perfection.

    George, read the comments, it's all Photoshop. If you want to know how then just ask no point in Knowledge without disseminating it. Tat's my creed. Glad you enjoyed............keep posting, I love the area I was raised in.

  15. Super photos ~ from early morn on. I also love the soft pine look ~ Must be lovely to see the blue sky and walk in such a beautiful area. I think I can hear the Irish music from here...