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Saturday 19 March 2011


You’ll be delighted to be informed that we have had a couple of hours birding this morning. A glorious day it is……… so far.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I was a little in front of myself this morning as it was barely light when we set off. A crisp morning with a light skim of ice on the water.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This is a skim of ice…………………..scintillating!

Lot’s of Grey Lag and Canada geese but they flew away before we got to the lakes. Not that I can get close enough here at Thorpe Farm anyway.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I’ve never seen so many Coots…………dozens of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      A few pairs of Tufted Duck.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Then I got really excited……………A pair of Shell Duck or at least I hope they are…………be annoying to have wet myself over something else. I don’t know what the ducks in front of them are.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I don’t know what this  chap is but he was singing his heart out so deserved to have his picture taken.

That’s all so far. I’m off out again with the tripod. And a tele extender. I’ll sort them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        I had another go at the steamer on Ullswater that had the most peculiar colour shifts. Took a while juggling but this is better.

Have a grand weekend………..All the best.


  1. Ah well, the top one shows for me. I expect it was lovely as the light came up and you saw the birds. I'll have to imagine them. At least I can leave a comment today!


  2. Oh, what a fantastic sunrise! I missed ours today as I was sleeping in with the pets in the bed with me. Something very satisfying about sleeping in on a Saturday.

    The shot of the ice is really great! You could use that as a neat texture for another shot if you were so inclined... I know you're not always the biggest fan of textures though. ;o)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. The mystery bird looks like a male Reed Bunting Adrian, and in front of the Shelduck, some more Tufted Duck.
    A lovely sunrise you had there too.

  4. Oh what a beautiful image that first one is. And some lovely critter... and very amusing commentary. You made me laugh out loud with scintillating. :)

  5. Excellent pictures, but the first photo is my favorite.

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  6. Lucy, what is the problem you have with blogger. These are not big images 200 to 300KBytes. Hope you get it sorted and thanks for taking the trouble to comment.

    Krista, it had a little bit of a shove.
    I should have got lower for the ice it would have improved contrast. I quite like textured photographs. I'll maybe do a set. Have a good holiday.

    Keith, thanks for the Reed Bunting ID. So that's where the Tufted Duck went. I shot them earlier on a small pond but they flew off. There is no cover at all here but it is good watching the waders and ducks even if I can't get close enough.

    Hilary, It's good to laugh.....SCINTILLATING.....It's a good place to walk but not so good for pictures.

    Claudia, thank you the first is okay but sunrise and sunset is almost always good if there are gaps in the cloud.
    You have a good day too.

  7. The first one is a magnificent picture, and the others.

  8. Bob, thanks. I am under no illusions about the others. It's still good watching them. Better with a good crisp shot or two.

  9. Jay, It wasn't quite that good. but shooting in RAW it's a quick job to push them a bit. Photoshop CS5 even has some sort of masking brush in the RAW converter. I can feel a Christmas present coming on.