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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

FIXATED TWICE (24/11/09)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Yesterday we left St. Keverne for civilisation..Falmouth. An auspicious start, looked as if the rain might clear, got towed out and drove in a continual downpour all the way.

Today no more cheating, went down into town, a £5.00 taxi ride, well worth it, I fell in love with the cabess. Had a haircut in case I got the same driver back, waste of another £7.00p, it was a cabby. So here is Falmouth or one small corner of it.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA From my days at sea the only place I know in Falmouth......and Tesco but it is not quite as photogenic. It's still shut, though promising to open within the next couple of hours. Best take some pictures then.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Next door to the Chain Locker.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe street in front of the Chain Locker.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           A fishing boat tied alongside the Chain Locker. In case you don't 'unnerstan roman' it means always or ever faithful.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                           Falmouth Customs House, not too far from the Chain Locker and round the back...................................

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                              The Kings Pipe, used for burning smuggled tobacco. Not these days, our MPs no doubt have first call.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Tasteful?     Don't know which is worse the dumbed down graffiti or the writing on the road.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      The Harbour Masters Office. The Chain Locker is just out of shot left. FINALLY................

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I'M IN!...I'M IN!....One of the countries best pubs, enough memorabilia to make a museum green with envy, good food, superb cheap beer, and a cosmopolitan clientele. The Landlady is pretty tasty.......Blame the last observation on the cabess! Oh!  and Molly is allowed to play with the pub dog.

Off to St Mawes tomorrow by ferry, then down to St Austel. Keep safe, it's very windy here but only a couple of squally showers.


  1. I only went to Falmouth once. It rained the whole day. Loved these pictures, Adrian, especially the rainbow. A beginning and an end, not usually seen with such clarity.

  2. There used to be a Kings Pipe on the Dock Road in Liverpool. I wonder if it's still there? Must check some time.

  3. |Adrian. Your photographs are getting better by the day....superb shots. What camera and lens do you use?

  4. Nice set of pics Adrian. one thing that was never mentioned that wooden whatever hanging on the Bessemer beam what was it for, and do not say cigarette smuggling.

  5. John, never noticed one in Liverpool, never noticed this one before so that means little.
    Valerie, the rainbow is real, they are not always!
    Will let you know if stuff has been added or removed.
    Tony, I've a nasty feeling it's part of a chimney on the customs house behind. I've another view of it will check. The thing is just a small furness for burning contraband goods.
    Trevor, Olympus E-3, My walk about lens is a Zuiko 12mm-60mm, f1.28/f4. I have slowly upgraded through the Oly range as S/H as come my way. I like the watertightness. Full frame equivalent is 24mm-120mm. Use a variety of filters more mood dependent than for any technical consideration. I have aquired a stack of lenses over the years but tend to stick with the above or a Sigma 50mm-500mm Again double these to take account of the 4/3rds sensor. Thanks.

  6. I'm finally catching up Adrian, and this selection of Falmouth is great. That pub looks interesting too; a museum with beer :)

    The wave, and the slipway HDR from the post on 19th are superb sir.

  7. Thanks Keith, glad to see you back in circulation.
    Just to make life more interesting it's turning cold as well as windy.

  8. You do seem to be in a good mood! That's the beauty of flooding rain - when it goes away you feel so gooood. Or is there another reason? Surely not the cabess? (How I love that title!) A beautiful set of photos, rainbow to pub - wonderful!

  9. Ta Pauline, no not the cabess, was nearly deaf when she dropped me off, very little I don't know about her bloody kids and even bloodier husband! Yes a good day for once thank you.

  10. It seems like you have been busy in spite of the rain. I like all of your photographs. Interesting and quite beautiful they are. Hi, to Molly.

  11. Falmouth loopks a nice place, Adrian. The rainbow is beautiful.

  12. In the last photo inside the public house or Inn.
    There is a wooden tube that seems to have had an accident on one end. did you notice anything to say what it was? the Bressemer is the beam that it is hanging on. and most likely oak that came out of a ship or barge in the 1600s as most are. the inn looks about that old looking at the beams and thickness of the wall its resting on. refurbished many an old inn in North wales. I also bought and renovated a pre 1600. farm house. see the blog http://tonythevolunteer.blogspot.com/ going to Kenya.
    the other thing you did not say much on was about being pulled out of the field??

  13. Abe, Emma, as i said one of the uk's best pubs. Got in again today before opening so loads of shots.
    Tony, It's a yacht mast that let go in 1997 crossing from America, presumably after the Azores, they made it home under Jury rig and signed the bits that were left. If it rains I always need a drag out, 7 tonnes of truck and front wheel drive, no diff. locks. Thanks didn't know old ships timbers were bressemers, was in furness mode and Bessemer! Put it down to old age.

  14. No sir! the bressemer is the name given for the timber the second floor joists sit on. never less than 9"x9" oak beams.

  15. Been called many things but sir hasn't featured for a while, got it now thanks.

  16. Fantastic captures! What a great rainbow shot. I like your style - you've got a great eye for colour and framing! Thank you for sharing. :o)

  17. P.I. Thanks, the rainbow could have been perfect but the truck was up to it's wheel rims in mud and there was a tractor and muck spreader off camera right. could say it composed its self.