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Thursday, 19 November 2009

MADE IT (19/11/09)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      SENNEN COVE......Better a day late than never, well worth the drive for the names of the places we passed through. Drift--Catchall--Lower Leha--Crows-an-wra--Newshop--Cattle Grid, sorry delete the last it's a feature not a place.

Parked up and paid for two tickets, thought this would save an almighty row should the clamp man come round. As you can see a pristine sand, well almost, despite my shouting heel, Molly had to do a quick lap of the beach. The sun didn't actually shine but it got damn close.

PB190192_91_90_89_88_edited-1     Plenty of waves, this is HDR and this..............


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       More seaside.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Boulders, sand and part of a wooden structure.

We thought it time to see what the village had to offer, at first glance very little but on closer inspection quite a lot.

PB190215_4_3_2_1_edited-1       The Slipway, for once not lethally slippery, don't know what invisible algae grows on concrete slipways, whatever it is they are usually aptly named. This is HDR again, hand held! Go on Clap!

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Boats and a Thatched Cottage.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A Round House...This at one time must have held a winding engine for recovering boats, they use a tractor now.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Fish Quay...I've heard of village in bloom competitions. In these parts they must hold Tidy Fish Dock contests. Never seen one as pristine...Hope they win!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Built by giants for dwarves (am I still allowed to use this noun?). A little more effort and they could build a cottage out of four stones. Both the dog and I were well impressed. For once I didn't have to clone out the TV aerial and satellite dish, just a large garish sign reminding me to Pay and Display...Cretins! It's in their interests for one to forget!

Our wanderings were curtailed by the arrival of two Shearings coaches. For those unfamiliar with this company, they arrange holidays to places that are shut. However a good morning and amazingly enough pictures for a half dozen posts.

Tomorrow it's us away to St Keverne, where there may or may not be internet. If not will post at the earliest opportunity.

Keep safe in the forecast weather, all the best.


  1. Thanks, you either love or hate them. This time of year they brighten up a dull day, Despite +2 to -2EV still managed to blow some highlights.

  2. I've never had a lot of success with HDR but I like the effect. Looks like a lovely coast.

  3. A memory relived, Adrian. Thank you for resurrecting it. Brilliant pictures too.

  4. Fantastic photos and a great blog! I really love the beach shots, the HDR particularly. I like playing around with HDR sometimes too.

    Thanks for the follow... will be returned as soon as I post this. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  5. You had a photographic day. Beautiful scenery.

  6. Sorry, the HDR isn't for me. I prefer to see things as they are. Dead set practical, I am. But loved the shot below "Isn't". And the first photo - pretty place!

  7. Like Pauline, as you know, I'm not greatly into HDR but the slipway is an exception. I'd love to paint that.

  8. Emma, neither have I as you can see!
    Valerie, you are more than welcome.
    PIC Imp. I like it for church interiors, set up is critical if definition isn't to be lost.
    Bob Thanks.
    Pauline, horses for courses, it has it's place, the camera never sees things as they are. take a picture of your room with a window and scene outside, Unless the light is similar in and out you will only see on camera one or the other. Will do one over the next few days. thanks.

  9. John, was done more to brighten up a dull day, Tomorrows looking grim so will try for a definitive HDR. Google TOPAZ, see what that can do.

  10. Love your pictorial photo quest as you take us around the UK. The colourful slipway looks like a painting.