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Thursday, 12 November 2009

A WIDER VIEW (12/11/09)

dart1    DARTMOOR......Leeden Tor looking north west from Walkhampton Common. We went for a good wander round today the weather was mixed but remained cool and dry till late afternoon. Yes we did get back before the rain...with five minutes to spare!

 Untitled_Panorama1    BURRATOR RESERVOIR......It's the patch of water centre taken again from Walkhampton Common.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       BURRATOR RESERVOIR........Nothing much about, a few Mallard, waited around for the sun to break through and the breeze to drop but nature wasn't playing today.

dart2       NORTH HESSARY TOR.......It's where the TV mast is.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A successful days rabbiting. A few years since I've seen this. He nets of the burrows then pops a couple of Ferrets in, they are in the sack to the left, Hey Presto! Out shoot the rabbits into his net.

All the panoramas are HDR processed, you either like them or you don't. HDR stands for high dynamic range. Basically one bracket shoots five exposures over a range -2EV to +2EV blend them together then stitch the blended images together.

Whilst here I only get internet while eating breakfast as the cafe has WiFi. What it's doing to my cholesterol levels I dread to think but it makes a nice change from cereal.


  1. I like the HRD processed photos - really brings out the brooding atmosphere of the moor.
    Enjoy the breakfasts - look on the positive side - no washing up!
    I wonder if he takes his ferrets on holiday with him a la Compo in Last of the Summer Wine.

  2. You caught the colours of the tor beautifully.

    Rabbiting wow a long time since I went rabbiting
    1952 before myxomatosis came in strangely enough Adrian I am in the middle of writing my childhood memories being fostered out on a farm called Cil Llwyn, the Waen, Bodfari.Nr Denbigh.
    and have just finished the story on the cull of myxomatosis rabbits, it was an awful part of history of the wild life .http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myxomatosis

  3. At last I know what HDR is! Well almost! How do you blend them??? Do I need one of those big things that takes up space on the kitchen counter?

  4. Lovely shots Adrian, but that first one made my jaw drop. Excellent!

  5. Wow Adrian your first shot is stunning!!!! Love the scenic shot. Very beautiful indeed :)

  6. I really like those wider images! I don't understand how you do it but that doesn't matter. I think the dark clouds really added to your day's photos.

  7. He certainly takes them in the pub.
    CJ, software, I use Photomatix. It's free for ever if you want to play, you just get watermarks till you cough up. You need a fair bit of RAM or go and cook a three course meal while it works it's magic.
    Keith a while since I used it, what else to do while this seemingly constant rain persists.

  8. Crista, Pauline, thank you, have a go....The stitching is done in Photoshop Elements version 6 on. They are now on version 8 so the earlier ones are free or almost free. the first image is made up of 15 exposures. I did a couple of 'How I Done It's'. Will put links in the next post

  9. I love the HDR's, and what dramatic skies and lighting you got! Makes me miss England an awful lot. I love imagining you and Molly getting back to shelter within 5 minutes of rain, it's so cozy sounding, I like to imagine you guys with some tea looking smug about being dry while it pelts down. ;)

  10. Gwen, hope you don't mind the abbreviation, the drama pretty well comes with HDR. If you want to tone it down the easiest way is to drop a low contrast monotone image over the top and reduce the opacity. All the best.