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Friday, 13 November 2009

LANDS END....ALMOST (13/11/09)


image We are just outside Penzance at a place called Heamoor. Went for a quick look round which was very quick as the heavens opened and once again we are both a touch damp. For variety we also had a couple of claps of thunder.

As promised if you are interested click HERE For a quick panorama tutorial and HERE for the words and music on HDR. If you look under followers at the side of this blog and go to Dan Norcott he has done a proper tutorial.

dart1_edited-1  A quick planet for those that enjoy messing. These are easy to do and pass a little time on a dark wet afternoon.


  1. More rain? Strong winds later for a bit of variety.
    Keep safe Adrian.

  2. Will do Keith. I'll Check out the buses as there's much I want to see round here and couldn't tolerate it in summer.

  3. I wouldn't drive too fast if it's misty you might fall off the end!

  4. How did I miss that HDR tutorial? Thanks very much. (Though I think I may not be up to the work involved - you certainly earn your keep when you create those great HDR shots.)

  5. John get blown off more like! off down to the sea side shortly or as they say here 'Drectly'.
    HDR as I say Photomatix is free and will accept jpeg images. I use RAW as it gives me an extra chance when I under or over expose.

  6. You are right Adrian ...plenty to see... so it has to be the bus route. A good tutorial..I am not really into Panoramic shots probably because I do not have a late version of Photoshop. The version I have which I do not use is 5.5 about ten years old and I guess limited by todays standards.

  7. Trevor, I use Elements, 6 on is good, in fact better for panoramas than CS3, you should be able to find version 6 for a few pounds if not for free. It even compensates for exposure difference as long as you don't pop a polarizer filter on.

  8. I read of gusts up to 72 mph in Cornwall so I trust you have everything anchored down.

  9. Yes" I see you've done that out of your wider view shot. nice one,