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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

NOTHING DOING (18/11/09)

All quiet on the western front. So give up now if you are busy.

Went for the paper at seven, came back checked the bus times online and went for the bus at 0905h. We were there at 0850h, come 0923h a bus came in the opposite direction, collared the driver and asked, quite politely,  if they were having a problem as I'd been standing around for half a day and a half hour service hadn't materialised. Isn't half hour in winter it's one hour. Ok not his fault.

Having missed our connection to Sennen Cove and now wary with regards to my transport times we wandered back to the truck.

Reconnected to the internet went to Cornwall buses and noticed that from 29th September the scheduling was likely to change. We are now ten days short of two months from the start of their winter schedules and still no update.

I feel a Victor Meldrew moment coming on. I do, I do, I do!

The County Council will be employing several staff who blog what's so hard. Save the original web pages, open them stick in new times, save as winter, out of season, whatever. then come the 29th September just swap one for t'other. Why the 29th, bet hers a Sunday! As they say round here.

Went for a local walk, and found this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            Good sign.....OK routed not carved but even in my mood better than average.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like Blackbirds and Robins quintessentially British, always there to restore ones faith. They sit still.

Now the upside. Have re catalogued my complete image files, separate folders, folders within folders, dated, location, subject. Even backed up and reinstallled on external drive. Feel positively saintly.

Tomorrow, Sennen, I'm driving down, only eight miles so probably cheaper than the bus. Then St Keverne for a wet and stormy weekend. Then on to St Austell, No point in coming to Cornwall and not stopping in a place named after a saint. Ninety percent are!


  1. Somedays you're the pigeon
    and some days you're the statue.

    At least you got your computer sorted out; which reminds me................

  2. In my childhood I saw a russian film called "Nothing new on the western front". My father who was a film addict saw this film several times and when asked what's up, how are you, he used to answer with: "all quiet, nothing new on the western front".

  3. Adrian. A good read as always. I have been sifting and sorting my thousands of images also !!! Looks like I will be confined to barracks for the rest of this week.... terrible weather forecast for N.W. England.

    Enjoy your next few days with " The Saints "

  4. You should know by Now That the county council do not get paid to be logical about anything. especially when it comes to helping those who pay to put them in the jobs they have. I am sure Cornwall have a good web site about Cornwall.(Summer only)
    but you have gone out of season. and local people already know the bus times for the winter season.and have no reason to make a blog on different times too suite your needs, be logical about this. you have captured the right Image what a load of bull. don't let it spoil your time. catch you tomorrow with photos of another saintly place.

  5. Glad to see you are still enjoying yourself Adrian!!!

  6. That bull looks very American - are you sure you haven't taken a wrong turn somewhere?

  7. Thanks all, looks as if we are in for a ferocious weekend, keep safe.
    Duta, welcome, hope you enjoy the insanity.
    Tony, Yes it didn't really come as a surprise. It doesn't bother me really. From experience I try to avoid catching the last bus...costs a small fortune to get a cab home.
    John, UMM! Taken so many wrong turns. Now you mention it there was a girl at the farm with dreadlocks. I wanted to take her picture but she went all shy. Would really have confused the post.
    Trevor will no doubt get to Sennen and find height barriers on the carpark..Do they let dogs into the Eden Project?

  8. Adrian.
    I am sorry to tell you but they do not allow dogs to the main site.

  9. Thanks Trevor, suspected as much. Some rare flora there by all accounts and not likely to be improved by dog piss! Will work something out. Cheers.