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Sunday, 9 May 2010

CUCKOO CUCKOO (09/05/10)

A few weeks ago I had a woodpecker following me around tap tap tapping. Life has moved on, I am now accompanied by a Cuckoo, cuckoo, cockooing. If anything it’s more annoying than the Woodpecker. Out we went this morning but having found it failed to get a shot, it was doing what they normally do, perching on a fence post and flitting from one to the next maintaining a one hundred yard comfort zone. Good job it did I was ready for wringing it’s neck.

I returned to the truck and had a shower, as much to warm up as for hygiene, it really was perishing.

Whilst in the newsagents the other day I purchased a copy of Digital Photo. As comics go a good one. Gave me the idea for this…………..Bet you wish it hadn’t!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACaptain Cook, it also gave me the instructions to convert my signatures into brushes. I can’t say that had occurred to me before.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother take on the same theme and it was time for a quick trip to the pub for their Carvery lunch and then to watch the Grand Prix. A wonderful innovation is BBC I Player, especially since my satellite dish blew away.

We are now basking in late afternoon sunshine and waiting for the blasted cuckoo to return

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhilst out I found this pretty flower at the side of the track. I’ve looked through the wild flower book but can’t identify it………….All suggestions welcome.

We are going back to Whitby first thing in the morning and in between door hanging will try for some photographs.



  1. Rather appropriately, your flower is a Cuckooflower, or sometimes known as Lady's Smock. Orange Tip butterflies have a liking for it apparently.

    I like the arty first shot. :)

  2. Great stuff that a comic was inspiring to you, could we be in for a greater things?

  3. Keith, ta, I almost posted it as Lady's Smock. The way I feel tonight Cuckooflower I'd have tiddled on it! I started making brushes a couple of years ago. So much to do and play with in Photoshop.

    Bob, dear comic at £4.95p but worth it. No lesser things. Have had to take a hammer to the camera but it gradually gets mended. Took some bird photos this evening and they are sharp for a Sigma lens.

  4. Really fun stuff here! I will have to learn how to make brushes now. This Photoshop is fun but sure is a time-suck isn't it?! I love it though so it's a worthy investment.

    Cuckoo! Are you carrying a pellet gun yet? hehe.. or a slingshot? ;o)

  5. Krista, They are easy to make, if you get stuck let me know and I will do a 'How To'