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Monday, 31 May 2010

OSWALD (31/05/10)

Years ago I used to have a cat called Oswald. He was, in most respects a well adjusted, normal example of a domestic feline. His one idiosyncrasy was to go to the back door to be let out and should he find it wet scoot back through ones legs and go to the front door. He obviously thought the different exits led to different worlds.

Today I knew just how he felt. Although the heavy rain and gales of yesterday have gone we are left with a dank, cold misty day, I just wish I had another world to exit into.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Looking west………………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Looking south……………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Looking north, almost, a little poetic licence has crept in. No respite from the weather. The view to the west I have omitted as it shows caravans but I assure you there is no difference.

A walk is never wasted and I found these, something I have previously only seen on dead trees.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    This is Dryads Saddle growing on a living Sycamore tree. These taken with a quick blast of fill flash. They are beautiful but not edible, though I doubt they would cause much harm, the odd seizure excepted!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    These are a younger version of the same thing, I hope, living next door anyway.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA               To brighten up a dull morning here is some Hawthorne blossom that, somehow, survived yesterdays wind and rain.

There’s still no sign of the sun so today's project is to try and sharpen some HDR images this project instigated by looking at some rather fine HDR images. You can find them on GAZ’S BLOG. I think I may be getting somewhere here are two images before and after.

fishdock no sharp  Whitby Fish Dock compressed and resampled using Bicubic Sharper.

P5184927_6_5_4_3_tonemapped_edited-2 This sharpened using a mask derived from the High Pass filter and a bit of jiggling around. These files are 30MB so will print very large. Hard to tell here but in the editor prior to compression the second image is much better though I have increased noise under the dock. I forgot to paint that bit in the mask, hardly surprising, Muppet being my middle name!

All good clean fun, the only sort available to me………Sadly!!



  1. A good thinking cat, even if he's wrong. I love the Dryads Saddles.

  2. Nice editing, I love the close-up shots. Hope the weather gets better.

  3. That Hawthorne blossom would cheer anyone up! I love the first shot of the Dryads Saddle - very cool! Speaking just for myself, I don't mind if your weather stays lousy, you still get shots to die for. But I'll be kind and send some good weather thoughts your way.

  4. Your grey skies match those here but the rain seems to peter out before it gets to us and my pond needs a good four inches to top it up.

  5. Tha second image is much the better of the two...
    How long are you staying at Whitby and where have you planned to go next?

  6. Bob, Yes an attractive fungus.

    Jolynne, thank you.

    Pauline, The good weather thoughts worked it's been a gorgeous week. Thanks.

    John, yes I can see water shortages just around the corner.

    Trevor, The second is sharper but the foliage is too sharp I think.
    I only came for a week but it could be a while yet I was hoping to head for North Wales next. We'll see.