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Sunday, 23 May 2010

THE WORK OF ART (23/05/10)

No, not one of my image adulterations. I’ll spare you that today. Depending on your point of view the following is either awful or a manifestation of beauty. That’s art for you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  She surely needs no caption nor introduction. She introduced herself yesterday with a popping rumble heavy enough to make the ground shake as she parked alongside us. It set my heart a flutter…………Boys will be boys!!


I spent some time avoiding getting myself reflected in the shots, forgot all about Molly who features prominently in the air box. I also had to go back for a polarising filter and although they only work with the sun at ninety degrees to the camera and I still have a few blown highlights  generally I’m happy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I find it hard to believe this bike is ten years old. The owner and his wife must spend hours cleaning it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For those that don’t know what she is.

I would have mentioned that for concourse condition the screw head slots should be aligned………..I thought better of it, once a Hells Angel always a Hells Angel. He was a particularly impressive example of the genre, his wife only slightly less so!!

Prior to my dribbling and drooling over the Harley I gave the van a good clean. No sooner had I finished than I turned round and saw this pair of Crane flies doing the unmentionable on my cupboard door…. My freshly polished cupboard door!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dirty wee devils but also gorgeous. I stuck a 2x teleconverter on the macro lens and got in closer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The shadows are a little harsh but I used fill flash and hadn’t got an empty milk carton handy…………..Threw them in the trash half an hour before……………Muppet should be my middle name.

Whilst the lens was on I took this………………………………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A Dandelion seed head again with fill flash. I must have dozens of these filed away but I always end up taking more.

That’s all for today, lets hope this weather holds for the Bank Holiday next weekend.


  1. Oh yikes, I wasn't prepared for those insects after the initial pictures of quite different kind...! I like the Dandelion seed head!

  2. Wow,your photographs are extremely great, the Harley-Davidson right through to dandelion. Really amazing Adrian.

  3. Just goes to show not every thing is perfect fancy not screwing right. I wonder if he can claim compo from Harley. at least the wild life get it right and did it on a clean surface.
    terrific shots of what is the worlds most drooled over machine.

  4. Dawntreader, Glad you found one to your liking. I think insects are such beautiful delicate things.

    Bob, thank you I'm happy you popped by.

    Tony, It's amazing the price they pay for them and the money they subsequently invest.

  5. Tsk... have you no shame??!! LOL

    A very entertaining post, as always! I LOVE the dandelion at the end. Great details!

  6. Krista, many thanks, course I have shame, I didn't squash them. An hour later they were still at it.....Now that's what I call stamina. I have loads of seed head images, this is one of the best but a diffuser on the flash wouldn't have gone amiss.

  7. LOL... ok even *I* might have squished them after an hour. I mean come on... there are starving children in Africa after all...


  8. There is a HOG store a couple of miles from me. I stare each time I pass. Sometimes I remain in my driving lane and, sometimes I don't.

  9. What a great collection of shots Adrian. The Harley does look in pristine condition for its age. The ubiquitous dandelion is a cracker.

  10. HD Poetry. Makes a change from HDR.

    Superb crane fly photos.

  11. Jolynne, thankyou it's always nice to see a near perfect one.

    Krista, no. Would have been an awful thing to do after an hour, not that I'd know!!

    Time to Live, they are amazing pieces of machinery, no subtlety in the concept but plenty in the detail.

    Trevor, can't compete with your Heron but I do like Harleys and dandelions for that matter.

    GB, the crane flies weren't going anywhere so it was easy. If they hadn't been so close to the floor I could have got it's eyes as a focal point.

  12. Beautiful images Adrian....love the bike :))))

  13. Got me a shoot of one of them things people drool over, I was looking at this H D in yellow .
    then I was thinking Wallace & Gromit.
    there is a Hd shop in Zamalek Cairo, near the opera house. I spent A short while drooling in there until the guy said, first time you park this unattended it will be gone, I think he was saying, everybody wants one?? go buy yourself a Jawa.

  14. Crista, thanks, sorry for the delay in replying but have had a combination of poor internet access and too much work.

    Tony...........Cheers.......I want one!