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Saturday, 22 May 2010

PENTECOST (22/05/10)

Though I could not be considered a Christian, I suppose I could, I was baptised. I even went to confirmation classes but having passed the final exam, (not too taxing), decided that it wasn’t for me. So that was the end of my choir boy days and my split with the deviant curate who taught us to sing. Poor devil subsequently gassed himself. His faith was perhaps an inspiration. Try your very best to do unto others etc.

Still, I’m never one to pass up the chance to party so have made you all a secular card to celebrate the appearance of the Holy Ghost to the Disciples. Additionally my leg is killing me so A bit of Photoshop, as opposed to tramping the countryside for new images, helps.

Frame_edited-3                                 This technique is not new to me but the frame is stolen from a template in ‘Digital Photo’ magazine. One, if not the best of comics. If you want to get the best out of your hard earned images it’s worth a look. Of course some if not all of you have seen this image before.

It looks different here so have a great weekend or what’s left of it.


  1. Question is can you still sing. or did the guy go to his maker a failure.

  2. Thank you. Very nice 3D card, and totally suitable picture for Pentecost, since the anchor is the symbol of Hope. I wish you a good Sunday and hope that your leg won't give you too much trouble.

  3. Lovely image and sentiments, Adrian. Thanks for your kind comment on my Green Hairstreak - what a find that was.

  4. Well, you can do anything with the Photoshop.

  5. Tony yes I can sing. Was the Brownies and Girl Guides that were his downfall.

    Dawntreader, thanks, You have a good day.

    Emma, Ta. Eclipsed by your Hairstreak and deservedly so.

    Bob, not anything but it it one bit of software that I suspect I will always find something new it can do. Not always a good thing.

  6. Pleased to see you are finding such worthy projects while you are laid up. Lovely image although I must admit I've never heard of a Happy Pentacost greeting before!

  7. Pauline, I haven't heard of it either. Photoshop provides work for Idle fingers and I didn't want to waste it.

  8. I am not a good christian,but thanks for the card anyway!!
    Hope your leg gets better soon.

  9. Matron, I'm not a Christian at all, I just didn't want to waste my experimentation. The leg will get better it's just a weak tendon that causes grief from time to time, thanks.

  10. that's a fantastic card Adrian! I love the 3D technique - how fun!

  11. Krista, will do a seeing to when I get chance it isn't that hard but it is fiddly in Elements.