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Saturday, 29 May 2010

OH DEAR!!…….OH DEER!! (29/05/10)

I will apologise in advance for the awful quality of the second and third images. I put it down to total shock and amazement. These had a detrimental effect upon my ability to control a simple camera.

I was out taking the dogs for an early constitutional, movement by the whale bones caught my eye.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe whale bones on West Cliff in Whitby. These whilst not in the centre of town are miles from open country.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA By the time I had got the dogs under control and the camera sorted it had hopped over the wall…………A male Roe Deer…….Had to get a picture or spend the rest of the day questioning my sanity………..Always a some what futile exercise!!………..We circled round to get upwind of him for a final series of shots and then as he was close to the cliff edge we retreated before he emulated a Lemming.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Both these images were taken within a few minutes of six thirty on Tuesday morning…………………Unbelievable but true.

I e-mailed the pictures and some copy to The Whitby Gazette. Unfortunately some unfortunate chap got himself murdered so that was my front page gone. A haddock falling from a fish box and the mind blowingly interesting agenda of the local Women’s Institute kept my story out of the paper. I was sure I had the scoop of the century!! By Tuesday evening I was mentally spending the filthy lucre generated by world wide syndication….. Oh well next time!

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    A pair of Herring Gulls one contemplating the coming weekend and a plethora of abandoned fish and chip wrappers, the other dreaming of her new family.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Eventually we made it to the beach where Molly gave her cousin a run for, his very hairy, money……………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACousin Alfie at full speed, Unfortunately it was destined to be one of those days………I failed to get them both in shot face on. They play well together but the snapping and snarling has to be heard to be believed……..Frightens the tourists! Not a good idea in a town dependant on them!

whitehouse colour jpeg 72dpi_edited-1 The White House Whitby…………My brother and his business partner took over this rather wonderful hotel on Tuesday. They both have far too much work on but as I repeatedly say, from a recumbent position in front of the television….’Hard work never did anyone any harm’.

Good luck to you both.

The views from the hotel are stunning………….I’ll leave you with a couple of them.



I swear it never rains in Whitby………………Except on wet days!!!!!!

Call in for a pint, I can vouch for the quality. I’m the unofficial beer taster. I have as much experience as most and a lot more than some.

Get booking, the food is grand, the rooms are great and if you mention this blog you will be charged double. Or, if they are in a good mood, treble!!!

See you in blogland next week. I’m at Ugthorpe where I must admit the weather could be better but it is ten miles from Whitby and it’s only a little damp!



  1. It is raining here, I amazing that nobody in England didn't get any. Still, Molly and Alfie were having fun.

  2. Hi Adrian, I remember staying at this pub many years ago, good to see your brothers having a go.
    I have just retired from a lifetime in television as a cameraman making documentaries.


    I have added you to my blogroll at

  3. That looks like a fine place to enjoy a pint Adrian .... will try it out next time I'm over in Whitby. Amazing pics of the deer!

  4. Eee lad, thee dost write an amusing tale. Photos are passable an' all.

    As for a paltry 2 a penny murder keeping the deer story at bay! What was the Editor thinking of. Oh, yes. Circulation. Greedy fellow.

  5. Molly and Alfie sure know how to play! They'd be a hard pair to keep in shot. Sorry for laughing at your misfortune with your deer photos. But you have to admit it makes a good story!

  6. It's amazing where deer, and other wild animals, show up these days, Adrian.

  7. Bob, the dogs love the beach, even more fun is to get back and dry themselves on the carpets.

    Heiko, it needs some work but is in a grand spot. Called in to your blog, superb photographs!

    Phil, a very pleasant place to pass an hour in summer. Could not believe I was seeing a deer there, suspected over indulgence at first!

    GB circulation it must have been, odd come to think about it as it was what the subject of his front page story was lacking.

    Pauline, every cloud has a silver lining their loss was your gain but I have to admit to slight disappointment.

    Emma, there seem to be more Roe deer about but it was a fair way from it's natural environment.

  8. Wow - the newspaper needs to get its priorities right!

  9. John, I'll second that. It may yet be in tuesdays paper. I'll just have to pray that there are no errant cats stuck in trees.

  10. Great pics of the Deer Adrian.

  11. Another great post Adrian. I will call in your brothers pub if I am up that way. The dogs look like they are trying to emulate a greyhound. Hope you get the picture published.

  12. Angie they are awful, but do prove he was there. Lord knows what I had left the camera set to!

    Trevor, Thanks, I'm not holding my breath. The pub is OK. The whole area is well worth a visit. I haven't got out as much as I should have this month.

  13. LOL... another adventure in blogging with Adrian. I so enjoy your blog, my friend! Blogland isn't the same when you're away.

    The shots of the dogs, as always, warmed my heart. The shots of the deer gave me a start - I LOVE seeing wildlife where you least expect it!

  14. Well done with the deer shots - at east you got some which is more than I managed recently.