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Monday, 10 January 2011

FOG, FOG, MORE FOG (06/01/11)

On Monday afternoon we arrived at the Old Hill Inn at Chapel Le Dale a few miles outside Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales. Cold, damp, no phone signal, no internet. I feel as if I’ve taken orders…. I certainly don’t need a tonsure………….I have that naturally….. Like all good monasteries the place is awash with fine wines and ales so all is not lost.

It’s now Thursday so things have got to look up. I’m suffering from lack of pictures. We still walk. I still take the camera. I still press the shutter button. I still download. I still edit the Downloads. What do I see?………Some brief moments of beauty.

Depressed? Not me! There is after all the pub. Beer was invented for a purpose…………It was invented for weather like this. Yesterday after a couple of hours walk I got in and my face was bleeding. Thin skin? High blood pressure? No. Razor sharp sleet hitting me at what felt like a hundred miles per hour. murderous stuff.

In my youth waiting was called festering. Sitting under a mountain waiting for a weather window. These aren’t mountains they are big hills.

Here we go……………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATree In Fog. Plus wet snow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACamper in Fog and Wet Snow. Why am I moaning……….the trees have it worse than I, they can’t move…………..poor beggars can’t even grow branches up wind.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     I apologise for the blown highlights…….this was a highlight it’s the sun…………No warmth in this sun though.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Or maybe a bit…………….This is almost the summit of Ingleborough. It’s also the same tree as in the first picture.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Just Sky. Oh! And twigs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The view down the valley……………not a bad view…………….It gets better………………….

The Old Hill Inn

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Old Hill Inn…….This area is favoured by potholers or cavers the wagon wheel is polished as it’s a rite of passage to insinuate oneself through the bottom and out through the top. Difficult sober, almost impossible after a gallon of ale.

Forecast is for heavy snow tomorrow………We’ll see.



  1. Welcome back to the (sur)real world Asdrian. It does look a tad bleak there though the Just Sky and Twigs piccy has atmosphere. I can see two pooches which approve your choice of watering hole.

  2. Yea, agree with John; good to see you back. We were all getting worried about you.

    It certainly looks bleak up there, judging by the first two pictures.
    The third is a cracker; almost like a painting.
    The Old Hill Inn does look very inviting. Not a bad place to get snowed in at, if the weather turns worse.
    Keep warm, and take care.

  3. John, it's good to be back. I am dragging the truck into the back of beyond this month so the internet will be sporadic. Must get some catching up done.

    Keith, I can't remember a more dismal week, snow, rain and fog..........the odd break but not long enough to inspire me to achieve very much.

  4. Ha ha, I see Molly and Alfie have got the best seats in front of the fire. :D

    Lovely atmospheric photographs Adrian.... for me, the third one is a stunner!

  5. Glad you are back Adrian...I had visions of calling in the Mounties.
    Beautiful images...great area and one I would never tire of.

  6. Adrian, you may not have been happy with some of your work here but to be honest, we all are just loving the fact that we have you back. I've never quite seen Ingleborough like that before from Chapel le Dale. The last scene is always an antidote for braving the weather in the earlier images.

  7. Lesley, the weather has been appaling. The third shot shot was about the pick of a bad lot.

    Trevor, no worries it's that time of the year. difficult for internet. It is a grand place but it's barely got light some days.

    Jay, I connect to the internet via a 3G dongle it can be a problem though it's getting much easier. I can go missing from time to time. Nice to know folk care thanks.