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Friday, 28 January 2011

HAPPY AGAIN (28/01/11)

This afternoon the sun came out but the birds had departed for rivers new. I went out with a fisheye lens to bask in the warmth and take a final few shots of Finchale Priory. When I returned the dogs had pinched the sausage I was saving for supper so it was cheese on toast and a good cursing for the thieving little beasts……………worth it, I suspect, they thought!

Having fisheyed I couldn’t leave things there so all these images are heavily processed.  Corners of the Priory Ortonised and selectively re sharpened follow.





_1281212_3_4_5_6_tonemapped_edited-1That’s it for the Priory. Tomorrow we move on to pastures or ponds new.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sunlight in the woods on the banks of the river Wear.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Finally star trails from the camper…….as you can see it’s not far to the priory. Looking north so the star in the middle is Polaris or the Pole Star……………..I rather enjoy doing these. The Priory walls were lit with a torch during one of thirty nine one minute exposures.

Back to birding again tomorrow, all the best.



  1. Interesting set of photos and processing. I was wondering which architectural era the door in image 5 is from ? !! Nice work, I like it a lot but my favourite has to be the circular staircase. I never ever would have thought of fish eye on that.

  2. Everything is turning round, help, what is it?

  3. Interesting shots. My favourites are the first and fourth images.

  4. Love the star trails. Also, though I"m a realist I really like the staircase through the fisheye. It's like an Escher drawing but with more color.

  5. I, too, am a fan of the staircase. Your camera certainly has a sense of humour (or perhaps it's the chap holding it) and I found them fun.

  6. Jay, believe me.......it's subantipost Norman.......I have always loved surreal. Your subject in your last post is only half way there.............I'm an eighth but keep I trying life is an exponentiation curve. The lens is new....folk hate black bits round the edges. Cost five hundred quid..................Second hand!

    Bob sorry for the confusion, me being arty farty.

    Trevor,it's only play time. Serious play time for me. I'm daft enough to consider it art...Bad art.

    JoLynne, Star trails are easy to capture. I still have wee gaps that's the processing. I adore ultra wide angle fast lenses this one is the first I could afford. She's top dollar and drop dead gorgeous. Thrilled I could crush a grape.

    Graham, It's not so much humour. I loved Michael Bentine. Flea Circus?......Whenever I get a new toy I push it's limits. He had a sand pit. I'm retired it's time for fun. The staircase was shot through railings. I was annoyed but now think the railings add a bit. What I will say without any hesitation is that digital and Photoshop have improved my quality of life.

  7. Adrian - these are all really awesome! I love each and every one of them!

  8. Mama mia, fish eye!
    Well, wait!
    Monday I have to buy one for my DSRL! I really need one after this post of yours! Mama mia!
    Wonderful, Adrian!
    My compliments!

  9. The fisheye certainly helps in confined places like the spiral staircase and I do like the photo above that.
    Bright sunlight on the foreground trees almost gives a 3D effect.

  10. Krista, thanks, glad you enjoyed. I had fun doing them.

    Wind, this lens is not a true fisheye. It is really a very wide angle lens. 8mm f3.5. Mine is Olympus. Nikon do one which is very good and about half the price of the olympus. Sigma and Tamron also do them but I would try and get a review of theirs they give 180* view on the diagonal and fill the sensor area.

    John, The wood picture is heavily processed. duplicate the background layer twice, sharpen the top layer blend mode to screen merge down and duplicate, add gaussian blur blend mode to multiply merge down and fiddle around till you are happy. Michael Orton used to get a similar effect by sandwiching transparencies.