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Wednesday, 19 January 2011


No fog today, there was a frost and a little mist about this morning………..last night was cool and almost clear so I had another go at star trails………I’ve not cracked these yet but I am heading in the right direction.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             This doesn’t look too bad but if examined at high resolution there are gaps in the trails. This image is constructed in PS Elements from around eighty separate thirty second exposures. They are copied and pasted one upon the other with the blend mode set to Lighten…….This is, I suspect, the problem. The near vertical streak left of centre is not a shooting star it’s an aeroplane. I’ll keep bashing away and hopefully find a solution. I don’t have an interval timer and nor do I stand outside pressing the shutter………..If anyone is interested I will do a ‘Seeing To Pictures’ on the state of play so far.

This morning I waited till the sun started to burn off the mist and we had a couple of hours or so wandering the woods behind our camper…………..absolutely fantastic it was, to see some light, almost forgotten what it looks like. All the photos or most of them were shot from shade into bright light so I am afraid you will have to click out or tolerate the dark fore grounds.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the lower of two dams built to provide a head of water for the Bobbin Mill in yesterdays post.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     High Dam…………it is a bit further up the hill than Low Dam.

The following images are reflections of trees and clouds in water.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEnough?……….I can’t get enough of them and still have a few up my sleeve or in the hard drive. Yes that is a skim of ice on the water…………..spoils things a little but these images are a bit twee and chocolate boxy. Never have had much taste!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    We carried on up the hill towards a place called Stott Park heights…….I was hoping to get some pictures of a mist filled valley……………succeeded in part………….a very small part.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I’ve not done one of these for ages………………………….I know……….Thank the Lord!… I hear you cry. (The Wood )…..My interpretation of Michael Orton's image style. I really admire his work which basically involved shooting two underexposed shots on transparency film. One sharp the other out of focus and sandwiching them together. I also suspect that he cross processed one image but maybe not.

That’s all, the dogs had a wonderful time and so did I…………we are sitting with the camper doors and windows open watching the birds on the feeders…………Don’t stop feeding the gallant little mites…..all the berries have gone.

I’ll see what tomorrow has in store………..When?…. Tomorrow of course.

Be good and have fun.




  1. Hi Adrian - the weather was nice and bright down here today as well.
    This time of year you can only make plans on a day by day basis - never know what what the weather will do.
    Take care.

  2. Great images of a great place. I enjoy following your travels.

  3. The reflection photos are spectacular Adrian! What a beautiful place - the water is so clear. Do the birds follow your camper van around?! :O)

  4. A bit of light can make such a difference.
    Enjoyed your choccy box lid shots.
    The last one is interesting too.

  5. Nothing wrong with some choc box lids occasionally (or even frequently for that matter). I know people who wouldn't listen to Mozart's 40th Symphony because it was popularised. But why was it popularised? Because it was good! Nothing wrong with appealing to the masses I say.

  6. Blue sky, reflections, tranquility, exercise, beauty ~ and some fun with the photos. Perfect day!

  7. Trevor, it was just what I needed. a bit of sun.

    Dale, It is a grand place. It does have a tendency to rain but only for three hundred days a year.

    Lesley, this is the quiet side of Windermere. it is good but lake access is poor. The birds follow me not the truck.

    Keith, it was just good to see some light. light is always good this time of the year as the sun never gets too high.

    Graham, I agree. I like them but feel I shouldn't. I would like to be one of those hedge cutting photographers.

    Glo, it was as near perfect as one gets. It' really lifted my spirits.

  8. "The birds follow me not the truck." Good answer!

  9. Beautiful images, and the first one is fantastic with some jiggery-pokery also.

  10. Nothing like a bit of sun to bring out a smile :) Seems you had a wonderful day for water reflection photos!

  11. Bob, the star trails are fun. I really now need some foreground interest and longer trails. If I had the pole star in the picture then I could copy the image and nudge the copy round a bit that would get rid of the gaps.

    Monica, you are so right. There was barely a breath of wind. Ideal conditions.

  12. Some lovely shots there Adrian.

  13. Angie glad to see you both back. It was a superb day.

  14. Singing in the sun, ha?
    Mama mia!
    We have here Groenlanda's worth weather! bleah!
    This winter make me think to find a place to move...maybe in Bora- Bora?....ha ha
    Wonderful images Adrian!

  15. Daliana, Sun and light are wonderful but without the bad weather I know I would not appreciate them half as much.