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Monday, 24 January 2011

PRIORITIES (24/01/11)

I was here in December at Finchale Priory…………..If you would like a map click HERE. We are about four miles from Durham and this time the ruins are open. It was getting a bit late today once I had paid, set up and failed to find an exhaust system for the camper but we managed a few shots in fast fading light. I will go with the whole bag of tricks tomorrow and see what a hash I can make of the place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The river Wear and Finchale Priory.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  And again, there is a lot of it…………….not as much as there was originally but given the right light there is always the chance I might strike lucky and get an atmospheric shot or two.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASunshine…………..good stuff is sunshine. Having said that it is raining as I write this. I will also apologise for the slight lack of sharpness today. I put a bit of WD40 on the filter to try for soft focus in camera. Thought I’d cleaned it all off but I only shifted the thick of it and no it  was not a howling success. Worse than the time a mistook my filter cloth for my handkerchief. That challenged the lens pen!………….. Filter cleaning after I finish this.

That’s all for today……..Tomorrow I’ll see if I can get a picture of me and the dogs………we all had a haircut this morning………………in two separate establishments…………can’t afford the dog groomers prices.


  1. Every time I wander around buildings and remains of this age (about 900 years?) I never cease to be moved by the effort which went into these buildings in days long before the modern building aids we have now.

    I think I should say again how much I'm enjoying this trip around Britain through your eyes and words.

  2. Graham, I can never get enough of them. They had the skills, they had cheap labour, they had the tyth. We are paying way over ten percent in tax. The Victorian era I find most impressive after the Norman church building what were folk doing for eight hundred years? However when I see what has happened in my lifetime it defines magic. I click on a screen and up pops what I don't want......Brilliant! I get on a train with no driver......Terrifying!

  3. I like that 3rd shot. Gives a great feeling of the size of the place.

  4. A load of broken stones, lol. No, it is so beautiful, beautiful and beautiful

  5. I love to wonder around these old places and soak up the history ..

  6. These are one of my favourite photographic subjects.There is such atmosphere in ancient buildings..

  7. I love places like this. More, please! :)

  8. Keith, it is not massive but enough to keep me happy for a morning.

    Bob, tey are wonderful places.

    Petrus, yes so do I. this one is pretty good as it is not covered in warning signs. Non that can't be cloned out anyway.

    Trevor, there is if the light is right. They are good to wander around anyway.

  9. Monica, Just back in with a load more so stay tuned.

  10. Another reminder for me to take a look on this off the beaten track place. Although I like your photos here, I just love the third one with the vanishing point lines and the foreground to frame it from below.

  11. Jay, it's free to get in at the moment. I just wish the weather would improve.