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Saturday 5 September 2020


 It's been a grand day, started out a bit chilly but I soon warmed up loading weeds and sundry vegetation into the tele-loader. I then realised I can't get to the midden as it would mean squashing loads of neeps. The neeps are really doing very well it's seems a good method to spray fallow land then drill straight into it. The pigeons don't realise one has seeded. I have started a new midden next to the new access road be nice for the campers to admire on their way to the pitches.

John who owns the lambs called by to check on them and me. I may not get a lamb before Christmas as he is worried about Halal slaughter. Bloody Muzzies if they don't like our meat killed as nicely as it's possible to kill it then let them bugger off to somewhere that does or go veggie. 

The road is looking really smart and we are using it to haul the grain on which should compact it and find any weak bits.

I had to pressure wash the loader bucket so it was clean for the barley so washed the car at the same time. I then came back for lunch and had a quick look at the Going Postal web page. I also had a laugh at the Yorkshire Peepers blog. It's great today, well worth a read, he's written a speech for Bidden. As Creepy Joe doesn't do coherent speeches it should be perfect.

Here are a few random snaps.

The twenty tonne Case is now parked outside my van.
The access road is now finished to all intents and purposes.

I went out butterflying but had no luck. This is a Small White and I have given a clue as to it's whereabouts.
The first load of barley. It looks a bit more than ten tonnes, I suspect the new trailer and road are in for a good test. It's coming in very clean, we drilled twenty percent more seed this year. Combines work best at full load. It's a bit wet at 17% water content. I don't know what the sugar content is but it ought to be fine for malting. Not that there seems to be any shortage of malting barley this year. I wonder if they could convert it into Tofu or something similar for the weirdies. If we don't get it dried it will convert itself, bloody stuff has a mind of it's own. 

Have fun it will soon be winter and global cooling. In our hemisphere anyway.


  1. Oh, Adrian, you're so unkind sometimes. But I love you anyway.

  2. 17 would be considered soaking wet here and the combine left in the yard.

    I thought the Widow Peeper's knowledge was truly awesome.

    1. Rachel, it's much better today First load was 14% and it will get dryer. It looks as if it will all have to be dried as it looks as if it will have to be stored.
      The Peeper is often good for a laugh but mostly he's tedious.

    2. Yesterday I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or reach for a paper bag. Glad to hear the barley's down to 14 and going down.

    3. Just laugh Rachel. I have read disturbing posts on his site but this one is just funny.

    4. Rachel it's getting a bit dry now, last forty odd tonnes was just under 12%. Yield is good too for here about 6 tonnes/hectare....Maybe a bit less.

    5. I thought the post was something to laugh about. His replies to comments less so.
      Yields, not bad.