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Tuesday, 15 September 2020


 The internet is really bad today, bloody EE must be rewiring their mast yet again. Not to worry, all those working from home will be able to excuse themselves.

I don't usually start doing a Christmas video until a few days or sometimes hours before but I noticed Blender 2.90 had been released and decided to have a play. I downloaded and installed it but it wouldn't render video. I started again and it was fine. Most peculiar.

I have an idea for the main bit but saw this or something similar and decided to have a go. A bit of fine tuning and I think it will do the job. The link to DefaultCube is in the video description. This chap is entertaining but goes very fast, he also uses some of my special words. Should you try it and get confused just drop me an email and I'll sort you out.

It will be a text overlay, I may try and get it to place one letter at a time then start the glow malarkey. Another Math node set to multiply after the colour ramp may help with control. I'll mess about and see.

The dogs are having fun hunting rabbits in the neeps. Moll caught one yesterday but the daft dog just gave it a good licking.

I suspect they will enjoy it more when the foliage has grown a bit. 

The deer is back, it's a few weeks since I've seen it. 

Tomorrow I'm away to Cupar, it's Lidl day. I just hope that there aren't too many working class people to contend with and that Lidl have a twelve pack of milk. After that mission I am going to see the horses and will call at Sainsbury for tinned grapefruit. Funny that neither Lidl nor Aldi do tinned grapefruit, it's a mystery. They do peach slices and pineapple but not citrus stuff. It's possibly because the lower orders don't eat anything but peach slices and pineapple.

Andrew Lawrence posts most days and this is a middling to good one.

That's all for today. Have fun.


  1. Very effective. Would it be possible for the letters to change colour as the highlight moves across? e.g. green lettering turning red only where the highlight is. Just a thought. It would probably look awful anyway.

    Strange what some supermarkets stock. I use a fair amount of tinned apple as it fits in with my low potassium diet. They disappear from Sainsburys for weeks but Waitrose have them in stock.

    1. John, yes anything is possible but I think I'd have to use animation nodes this is done with shader nodes. I'll download the latest Animation Node add-On as it comes ready compiled now or it did so in theory should be a five minute job.

  2. Teacher said don't go near the working class. Don't forget. I've never seen tinned grapefruit but then perhaps I have never looked.

    1. Rachel, I don't mind the working class as long as they don't get too close.
      I enjoy tinned grapefruit for breakfast as it saves messing with fresh ones and tinned ones don't have all that white pithy stuff.

  3. I imagine that rabbit got quite a fright when it got a good licking - if it was still alive. Gave me a laugh. I've never heard of tinned grapefruit but there's a limit to how much marmalade one needs so I'll try bottling the last of this season's crop. There are still a few on the tree. Keep up the good work with the video.

    1. Pauline, the dogs are funny. If animals are on the farm they don't bother them but in the forest it's a different matter. The rabbit was fine, possibly a little damp. Once the dogs get close rabbits stop running and accept their fate for good or bad.