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Tuesday 22 September 2020


 I was playing around last night trying to work out a backdrop for a Christmas video and this sort of did itself.  It isn't very Christmassy but I find it quite pleasing in a Japanese sort of way.

It's no good for a  Christmas video but it looks as if Christmas will be cancelled this year. The sun is a bit choppy but that can be remedied by sub dividing it's mesh.

I noticed that Robert Galbraith has a new book out, I have enjoyed her Cormoron Strike series and went to investigate further.......Almost killed me she did......£10.99p for a kindle book. It's not too bad as when I looked further it's nine hundred and ninety nine pages long. Keep me out of mischief for a while. I think it very brave to publish such a long book with folk dropping like flies.
I can now type and get the characters I expect, it's been a bit of a lottery recently but I eventually got fed up and reinstalled the keyboard drivers and all is now well.

That's all for today.


  1. I like your mystical choppy moon pic. I didn't know there was such a thing as a keyboard driver. Does it guarantee to correct sloppy typing? Wouldn't that be terrific?

    1. Pauline, a computer has 'Drivers' for lots of things. It's not a big job to sort them.
      If the display looks a bit funny, your mouse is acting the fool or you can't hear any sound then giving the drivers a look is usually successful.
      In Windows 10 right click the Start button go to Devises and right click the one that is acting up. Click Uninstall and say yes when it asks if you mean it. Restart the machine and all should be perfect.

  2. Very arty picture. Good balance of colours.

    1. Pure luck Rachel. The sun or moon is orange and then I popped the whole scene including the camera in a big cube and used that for a volumetric mist effect. It just happened like this on it's own.