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Sunday, 20 September 2020


 This morning I had to rush off down to the Co-Op as I had run out of rolly tobacco. Just as well I went as they have Talisker single malt on offer. It is my favourite whisky but at forty odd pounds a bottle a little pricy. Today it was a very reasonable seventeen pounds for 70cl. Made my day.

A while ago I noticed that there are Particle Nodes in Blender. They are in Blender 2.91 Alpha so it'll be a while before they are released. They are far from complete but I enjoy messing about with 3D stuff and as everyone seems to be heading towards node based editing it's best to keep on top of the job. 2.91a is compiled but there isn't an installer and you will have to go into Preferences>Interface> and make sure Developer Extras is checked. Bottom left a new tab titled Experimental will appear, click it  and New Particle System will be available to check. Should you need assistance either Google Blender Particle Nodes or ask and I'll try and help.

I'll have another look in a few days as I'm having a few problems and am unsure which are down to Blender or which are me being thick.

There is a little cloud in the form of the starter on the Tele-Loader. It has broken. It is also a sod to get off. This normally wouldn't matter too much but a pound to a penny the grain wagons will arrive tomorrow, be a tad embarrassing having given the hauliers grief if they turn up and can't be loaded.

I'll leave you with these.

Have fun and enjoy your week.


  1. Blender keeps going from strength to strength. I assume many of the coders are also very proficient at physics.

    1. John, there must be dozens of them, I suspect most are mathematicians but the disciplines are closely linked.. Even though this is new (mid summerish) it does work, if you use it you have to press Shift A to access the nodes as there is no menu yet. I have got it to do things with half a dozen nodes that would take scores using animation nodes.
      One thing is very exciting and so simple but I am having trouble recalling what I did. I should use the screen recorder whilst playing.
      The video editor is now getting some attention but I have used it for years quite happily.
      If there is a problem with Blender it's the necessity to use Hotkeys but that is true of it's rivals.

  2. Very bad if the loader isn't working. Time is money for the haulier. Get that starter fixed or get it running and leave it running.

    1. Rachel, loader sorted quick sticks yesterday, found a new solenoid for it or a newish one. Wish time were money here.
      They haven't arrived yet but I know when they do there will be three at once and it will be lunch time. I suspect they meant this Thursday or maybe a fortnight Thursday. No sense of time haven't hauliers.
      Can't leave them running these days as teachers and Greta say it's naughty.