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Thursday, 17 September 2020


 I managed to get to Lidl for just the back of eight. I couldn't see any heather plants so asked a young lassie if they had any. She talks to base on her radio thingy and the manageress came out. She was a very tidy manageress and took my mind right off plants. I composed myself and explained I wanted heather plants in various colours about twenty or so. She was very apologetic and said although Thursday is a plant day some stupid twat must have missed loading them on the truck but she'll give them grief and there will be lots in on Sunday which is next plant day. I asked how many different colours there were and she said four, maybe five. I asked her to save me four or five of each and she used one of my special words followed by OFF and fetched me a clout on the shoulder. I guess she had nodded off during her customer relationship course. I was bedazzled and forgot to ask if she was working Sunday.

I got back and helped pop the track back on the big digger, it went very well. Thought about taking a link out of it but considered it worth while to fill the track tensioner with brand new grease and pray that entrapped air was causing the skipping problem, there was nothing obviously wrong with the idler bit. Splitting tracks is hard work and I'm old, further debilitated by chatting to the Lidl Manager. It seems okay now but is in need of new drive sprockets and a chain. One could buy new but taking the track pads off and installing a new sprocket and chain saves about £800.00p per side. It is an awful job, boring and repetitive and ones hands take days to recover from wielding a half inch drive air impact wrench in one hand and the oxy/propane torch in the other.

The last of the barley is just in. It's been a good year. The lorries never turned up to collect it as promised but time is different here. If the buyer has sold it abroad then he'll wait till he has a coaster in Perth docks and wagons will arrive back to back and it will be a pain.

The leaves are turning and it was cool first thing.

This is Silver Birch and the other stuff is Beech and Larch.

Looks as if we are heading for another unenforceable lock down. More testing more cases. When the idiots use a PCR test that will give results dependant on the number of iterations of the test sample the results are meaningless without them publishing the number of cycles used. I know I'm a bit cynical but if there really was a deadly pandemic we wouldn't need a test to prove it exists. Doctors surgeries would be open to treat sick folk, hospitals would all be full with folk dead and dying, the crems would be working 24/7 and we would all know of several of the afflicted. It's bollocks. 

In other news I applied for a firearms certificate. I had to decide whether I was male or female. In this day and age I assumed I could decide what I was but I went along with their nonsense sucked my tummy in, undid my belt and noticed a willy. Male then. I suspect it's their way of stopping nutters getting their hands on a lethal bit of kit. 

Have fun. 

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