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Monday, 1 March 2010


Today is my birthday, it’s also Bus Pass Day, yes I’m sixty years old. I look about eighty and act about five but sixty it is. To mark this occasion I am going to post one of my favourite images for every year of my life……..Don’t panic…That should read decade, roughly! All the images will be from the commencement of this trip last August. I had been digitally snapping away for a couple of years prior to this but can’t remember what drive the photos are on, a sign of old age and possibly the least worrying one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Runswick Bay North Yorkshire August 2009.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Gold------ Dunstanburgh  Northumberland September 2009

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            Tal y lyn. September 2009. I include this as much for the swarms of midges as for the reflection. If you look they are everywhere.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I won’t show this again but I couldn’t leave it out.  October 2009. New Quay Mid-Wales.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A wet day in October 2009. Photoshop? Of course.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Kingswear November 2009

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Goodbye Cornwall. Padstow December 2009.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ingleborough January 2010

image Wasdale February 2010.

I really should have started thinking about this a little earlier. I find it nearly impossible to choose from my own stuff. It’s not quite first come first served but damn close.

Went out to buy a jumper yesterday, we couldn’t get near to a mutually acceptable price so came back with a new pair of jeans. I must try and remember to change prior to crawling under the truck. Jeans these days are half worn out before they leave the shop. Also it’s the very devil trying to find them that aren’t made of stretchy denim, fine for girls of a certain shape but I could do with just plain baggy!

Have a sing on me.




  1. Some good celebration images there sir!
    (erm, I made that 9 pictures, but........)

    Have an enjoyable day mate.

  2. Ta Keith, I amended to roughly, lucky it wasn't sixty. Will do and good luck.

  3. So you are the same age as my little sister, Trish! Her birthday was last week. I will see her this w/end - how good that sounds I only see her every couple of years - and can't wait to say "welcome to the 60s", mainly because I know she won't be happy about it. Whereas, you have celebrated in a wonderful fashion - new clothes and photos. I love your moon! A beautiful moon surely signifies a great birthday. Hope you had a great day - and a great decade ahead!!

  4. Wishing you a Happy Birthday!
    Nice collection of pictures, I'm guessing you could quite easily have found 51 more really good ones! :)

  5. Many Happy Returns Adrian. I trust you will continue to grow old (dis)gracefully.
    Great selection of shots there.

  6. Well done mate! I for one wouldn't of minded sixty images to act as cyber candles to illuminate this your birthday cake blog!
    I can hear it now,
    ''the hills are alive with the sound of shutters!"

  7. Pauline I'm just grateful to have made it this far.

    Bob thanks.

    DawnTreader, could have found another two hundred but am not sure the quality would have improved.

    John, thank you, will do my best.

    Kipling, thanks for the song, ring pulls and crown corks today, no shuttering.

  8. Happy Birthday Adrian! Hope the weather up there is as good as it is here today. Love the Ingleborough photograph (of course it goes without saying that the dragonfly is my favourite ;-) )

  9. Helen, thanks, you probably find it hard to believe but this emperor was the best of over five hours work. at that he's going the wrong way and not that sharp. I was thrilled to bits to get it being a heathen did actually think of Raid. This year I'm going all out for them. Macro for the parked up ones and 500mm for the flying. What are their lava called? Vicious wee things, can't half nip.
    Trust dad OK not heard today.

  10. Holdingmoments sent me over, it was worth the trip. Thanks and happy birthday young man!

  11. Happy Birthday Adrian,enjoy the rest of your day.I passed this goal in my life a few years ago,and got the bus pass to prove it,but we do not have any public transport here to use !! It is 20 k to the nearest town to get a bus and 45k to the nearest train station,shame they do not give petrol vouchers to us oldies instead as a car is our only means of getting anywhere.
    Nice selection of pictures by the way.

  12. Dragonfly larvae are simply called dragonfly larvae :-) Never been bitten by one, but shall make a note not to get too friendly in future! Dad's making good progress thanks - out of intensive care and onto the ward today.

  13. Happy birthday Adrian.
    This blog is getting very addictive and I can feel the fire within as you seek perfection.
    You are most certainly heading in the right direction. I was never any good at singing (tone deaf) but I tried.

  14. Lucy, thank you.

    Matron, will have to look into the bus pass malarkey use buses a fair bit.

    Helen, glad John is OK. Could have been anything that bit me but it was ona bit of reed at water level, equipped with an impressive pair of pincers.

    Trevor, thank you, I find this snapping business very frustrating 90% of the time, it is addictive. Encouragement always lifts the spirits.

    It's time to Live, thanks, glad both he and I didn't waste your time, gladder still you enjoyed the peep.

  15. Happy Birthday Adrian!

    This is a great post. I LOVE the dragonfly shot. And that MOON... fantastic... where did you say you shot that again? LOL kidding... it's a great photoshop job though, I'm impressed! Maybe someday I'll be that good...

    LOL@ you look 85 and act 5. Congrats on the cheap bus pass! ;o) Maybe you'll get a discount at the pub too... worth asking anyway!

  16. Krista, just waiting for the dog to come back from her Haircut. So will have to hang a backdrop, fill flash, bounce, the works. How anyone expects me to save bloody Grouse with that lot to sort I don't know.
    The moon shot is OK but not in line with the moonbeam. If one is indulging in fantasy then either get someone to have a look before you flatten or leave it a few days and have another look yourself. All the best.

  17. Cracking shots and Happy Birthday. Mike.

  18. Belated birthday wishes Adrian.. Glad you had a good day. I remember when Trevor turned 60 and that was ok - When 65 comes, don't you go getting grumpy ;-)!
    Some lovely images there.

  19. hehe... I guess it's just your lot in life to cater to the pup. Not like *I* would know anything about that. ;o)

    Looking forward to the new round of portraits.

  20. Wow, wonderful set of photos and A Big Happy Birthday to you! Love the PS moon image!

  21. Happy Birthday!!! :)

    These are just beautiful...I especially love the lake of gold.

  22. Been away for a few days and back a bit late for your 60th. Sorry about that. But you have my best wishes just the same. I'm sure they'll do for the next while even if late. I can just hope that they weren't needed over the last few days.

    Spectacular photo of Wasdale.