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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

RIVER MITE (31/03/10)

Today the weather is awful, cold and an appalling mixture of sleet and rain. Not picture taking weather so these are some from yesterday. It wasn’t much better then. We called at the station on our way home, luckily this locomotive was ready for it’s days work. The effort to keep these clean and polished never ceases to impress me.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I don’t know what payload this can pull but there is seating in the carriages for over a hundred people, not bad for a fifteen inch gauge engine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEven the lambs are wrapped in their plastic macs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey don’t seem to be affected by the cold, the rain is what poses the danger.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is spring, despite evidence to the contrary.

I have a good excuse to stop in today as I’ve been inundated with requests for a tutorial on the method used to create fiery text. Inundated is perhaps overstating things. I have one request and on a day like today it’s all I need.



  1. Great to see the River mite.
    I must admit I was intrigued by your fiery text so look forward to the Master Class.

  2. John it is wonderful. Fiery writing is posted on SEEING TO PICTURES, only a few minutes ago so it may still be on it's way to blog land.

  3. Adrian. Thanks for looking in on my blog. I do follow your travels with Molly with great interest but don't always seem to make time to comment. This blogging and camera and computer work does seem to take up an extraordinary amount of time !!

    Like your little lambs, looks like we will all have to wrap up this Easter. Hope you have a nice one and look forward to more of your traveller's tales.

  4. Brian, your photography standard is something I aspire to, so it's always a pleasure.
    Takes hours of time but on a day like today who cares.

  5. Now when I first looked at those train pictures, I thought, 'allo, he's been playing around again'
    Then read the bit about 15" guage engine.

    I blame this medication I'm on........

    The lambs look very snug witht heir rain macs on.

  6. Keith I'm not that bad.....well I am but I own up now.

  7. Hello again Adrian! I liked the fiery text tutorial and am looking forward to trying it out!

    Those lambs wearing plastic bags are so darn cute. How do you resist just taking one home??? I'm sure Molly wouldn't mind. ;o)

    Do you take Molly with you everywhere you go? It seems like 'over there' people are lots more accepting of them than here. You would never see a dog in a bar here or a restaurant, for example.

    The train shots are great. I'm going to Skagway this summer to shoot the White Pass and Yukon Route trains. There are lots of great scenic opps there.

  8. Krista hope it works. yes she potters most places with me. about half the pubs are dog friendly they usually have a water bowl and many a free dog biscuit. Some pubs have more dogs in than paying customers!!

  9. Those lambs look even more cute in their anoraks!

  10. Hey Adrian, while you are in tutorial mood, how about a simple (with the emphasis on simple for point and shooters like me) tutorial on how to get the bokeh effect?

  11. I hate to think what's happening to any lambs which have been born North of The Border.

    I've not seen the train. I must make the effort. You are beginning to inspire me to spend less time wanderings and a bit more actually exploring when I'm in the UK.

  12. I have not been so lucky as to travel on this little train but one like it called the Romney,Hythe and Dymchurch railway.

  13. Angie, yes I gave the young lad a hand wrapping them a couple of days ago. I think they look comical.

    Pauline I've never tried, it usually happens in camera due to a large aperture, the shapes you see are the outline of the aperture hence seven sided, round etc. depends on the lens you have. It should be simply a matter of using Gaussian blur and making a brush to paint the blobs then a blend mode to bring the original colour through. Will have a think and next rainy day a play.

    Gb, well worth a visit they have at least three steam locos and one diesel. A tip if you go to the signal box you can get a footplate pass, no charge. I've not done so as they are averse to canine stokers or firemen.

    Gwentman, worth a ride if you are up this way, they are very photogenic.

  14. I thought they waited till the lamb was jointed before wrapping it in plastic!

  15. John, been trying to work out what was wrong, had the very devil of a job keeping it in the oven.

  16. I would LOVE a pub with more dogs than people. come to think of it, I would love most places better if they were like that. ;o)

  17. This country has it's good points, the cost of living and the rain are the down side.

  18. Hi Adrian! I LOVE that pussywillow picture, how stunning! The background is as lovely as the subject. And those lambs are adorable, in their macs! One of my fondest memories is visiting England when I was a teenager - I took a run through the rainy countryside where we were staying, and a farmer was putting his new lambs out in the field. I stopped and stared, completely smitten with my mouth hanging open, and he looked up at me, and pulled one out of the truck and plopped it right in my arms! They weren't wearing macs though.

  19. Gwen, Thanks the lambs are a great heart warming sight. as for the Pussy Willow, had I known you were popping by I would have converted to B&W. All the best Happy Easter.