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Sunday, 28 March 2010


We were greeted today by the sun streaming in through the bedroom window. What a difference it makes. Off out before breakfast in case this was merely a transitory phenomena. It wasn’t, we made the thirty minute round trip for the paper and milk without getting wet. So it’s out with the old……………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd in with the new……..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaybe not quite but they are doing their best. Definitely not Wordsworth standard but as good as we are going to get round here as tomorrow it’s back to Ravenglass. I’m missing the sea.

We wandered back by way of Ullswater or the path next to it for you pedants. I may be blessed but hopefully not that blessed, bearing in mind next weekend.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Thrilled to bits, my first lamb of the year. the first live one anyway. A couple of days ago I was saddened to find a dead one. Not still born as it was clean so a hyperthermia case due to the consistent torrential rain. This one is grand.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And so is mum. If you come any closer there will be trouble!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       It will soon have dozens of peers to play with. Almost worth hanging around for.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Place Fell from the van, a grand view to devour breakfast with. Not a very productive week here in Patterdale but enjoyable despite the weather.


  1. Woopee, it's spring...........I heard Chiffchaff, it has been long time.

  2. Lovely springtime shots and landscapes. The Sawmill looked an interesting place...an inspired choice while it was raining.

  3. Bob, not for long snow here on Tuesday or so they are guessing.

    Trevor, took some getting into and wish I could have had longer. Of course it hasn't been used for years, Elf and Safety! should really have just left the camera on bulb and painted with a big torch. I love old machinery.

  4. Love the Springtime theme,your sawmill is a cut above the rest,lovely images.

  5. Ta John, should have thought of that as a title.

  6. Just been catching up with your blog. I couldn't understand why I'd missed the last few posts and realised that I usually go directly from my NZ Blog because I follow from my Scottish blog. Silly me. So I'm now a 'follower' from both blogs.

    After all I don't want to miss your interesting gems.

  7. GB, no worries not many gems, been a touch out of contact. You did warn me.

  8. I was going to add: 'Spring is sprung' Ma Bunny said 'let us all get out of bed.' or Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the boidies is.

  9. GB, 'Them boidies on the wing but that's abssoid, the wing is on the boid'.

  10. Ha. You know it too. Good on yer, cobber. (Sorry about the absurd Ozzie word!).