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Monday, 29 March 2010


We arrived back in Ravenglass yesterday, got sorted out by which time it was too late to do much other than cook tea and have a stroll down to the seaside. Nothing at all about other than half a dozen Black Headed Gulls.

Decided to go looking for Heron and frogs this morning so off we set in a cold wet drizzle. I could here Woodpeckers but failed to locate them. We watched a Buzzard land in a tree but couldn’t find that either. Something had to give and a little light relief was provided by this Blackbird.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   She thinks she’s clean, I suspect this water put more on than it took off.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALambing is in full swing here, poor wee mites it’s freezing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA               However things are moving in the right direction, this Primrose is bravely brightening it’s little corner of the world.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                So are these ‘Haven’t a Clue’ ones.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                And these ‘Haven’t a Clue’ twos.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                 We eventually arrived at our destination, needless to say no Herons and no frogs. It was worth the trip I always enjoy reflections and Molly enjoys a paddle or today a swim as she misjudged the depth, not that it has to be very deep for her to be out of hers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                        We just got back to the truck and drying off was interrupted by this magnificent machine. It didn’t stop so this is the only photograph, pity I could have passed a happy hour in it’s company.

The weather guessers are predicting heavy rain and possibly snow for tomorrow, we’ll see. If anyone can help identify the plants I would be grateful.



  1. The lambs are adorable and the bird having a mud bath cracked me up! Just like a dog, isn't he? He probably rolls in fish heads too...

  2. It's wet today here as well, but your lambs look so adorable, they have started with new lifes.

  3. Well Adrian. I see a rubina. not sure what the blue flower is! primrose it is not, I like the bird bath, even though it may be cold the lambs are quite hardy. and if it does get real bad the farmer should have the sense to bring them in to a shed.

  4. Krista, they are lovely, must be my feminine side showing. The bird is a she,a dirty she. Molly prefers dead putrefying seals, that stink takes some shifting.

    Bob it's awful, the lambs are wonderful as is any new life.

    Tony, thanks have ploughed through my books without success. Have been out again as the young shepherd was having trouble putting rain coats on the lambs. They are all in jackets now, I have a bruised thigh for my trouble, some of these mothers don't know what is good for their offspring!

  5. Not sure about the blue flowers Adrian but I think the pink one is Ribes Sanguineum. I got a little cutting of this flower a few years back because it reminds my of my grandad playing bowls in the park. They lined the paths around the bowling green and give off quite a strong fragrance. The blue tits love to peck the flowers although it may be the bugs inside, who knows. Very vigourous grower mines at least six foot now.

  6. Captain, not sure it looks like a tree and no obvious scent. All suggestions are welcome. Just looked at your blog and no pictures, will visit again tomorrow. Cheers.

  7. I only recognise the pink droopy flowers - Ribes, known as flowering currant. Used to have some in my last garden, spreads like wildfire.

    Blackbirds do enjoy a good wash and brush up.

    Are you going to phone the number on the trailer so you can enjoy the 'steam driving experience'. Don't know what Molly would make of it though, apart from a different opportunity to change colour. Like the pic in b/w - suits it.

  8. Not sure what the flowers are Adrian, but I think Debbie's right about Ribes. Were the blue ones growing wild, or in a garden?
    The lambs are certainly 'awwwww' material, especially posing like that.

  9. I'm of no help at all. Don't recognise any of those flowers, maybe it is too warm here for any of them. Or maybe I just don't pay attention. I think I'd want a coat if I were a lamb where you live. Enjoyed your reflections!

  10. Hi Adrian ~ I have wandered over here from Midmarsh John's site and was interested to find out that you are on an adventure! I looked back through your blogs and see you have covered a lot of territory.

    Although I now live in Canada, I was born in Cumbria and my first visit back involved two months touring the UK ~ me, as the navigator. I have never actually driven there. My goal, one day, is to come back and drive the back roads, which kind of freaks me out because of the 'other side of the road' and the roundabouts.

    The other thing I wanted to mention, on another trip in 2000, by chance we came across a Steam Traction rally in Pickering, North Yorkshire. It was an amazing sight and so interesting. I looked online and found a site which lists the various steam traction shows:


    I also notice once again, that it's on May 22 and 23, 2010 THE UK TRACTOR SHOW. Pickering Showground, North Yorks, YO18 8EA

    I'm sure you'd enjoy the rally ~ I'm not sure where you plan to be in May.

  11. PS I love the little lamb photo, and the blackbird who now thinks she looks so glamorous ;)

  12. John, thanks for the Ribes. Dread to think what it would cost, a fortune in dog shampoo for a start. I love steam, a kid at heart still.

    Keith, Ta Ribes it is. The blue are growing wild on the banks of a stream in mixed woodland. I did try for a close up but the picture is non too sharp. Will have another go. Could well be an escapee from a garden. a lot of them mind.

    Pauline the lambs have coats now, I'll grab some shots today.

    Glo, thanks for popping by. I had thought of going to Pickering. It matters little, left or right, I have to use both sides of the road around here.
    The blackbird is a clown, we are not short of clean water at the moment.

  13. Love the primroses - one of my favourite flowers.

    You have reminded me that I didn't post my traction engine photos from Art Deco Weekend. Soon..

  14. Could the blue be Borage (Borago officinalis )?

  15. John thanks will go with that, the leaves look very similar to Comfrey, part of the same family I believe.