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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

THANKYOU (02/03/10)

Thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes, it was a really grand day. There are not many pictures from yesterday and what there are are noisy. I managed to leave the camera on 2000 ISO, a senior moment indeed!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Fresh snow and a cloudless sky to welcome the dawn.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Even the Black Headed Gull had dressed in his party hat, the first I have seen up here in his spring plumage.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The last few days have seen the arrival of several Moorhens. Unfortunately all I have are back views, they seem very nervous and dash off at the first whiff of the camera.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow this is what I call conservation, I’m all for saving wild life and the Black Grouse has become my preferred species. How many bottles I have to consume to guarantee this birds survival the whisky box doesn’t actually say. Whilst awaiting clarification I’ll put my heart and soul into this project and hope for the best. These images are supposed to be blurry, I’ve noticed that most food photographs are.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I also got a goody box, not actual Angel Cakes but at least baked by an angel.

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      I’m a lucky chap, the day started fine and finished the same. The weather could not have been better.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The Grey Lags are away home for the day.

The last few images are all taken with a prime 25mm lens, it equates to 50mm in 35mm format. I’m going to practise with it for a while.

Today is our last day here we are off to Ullswater tomorrow. I have a few jobs to do, laundry, have a good look at the sticking handbrake and Molly is having a hair cut. There is little likely hood of an internet connection in Patterdale so will save the posts as usual and upload at the first opportunity.



  1. Hi Adrian and a belated happy 60th.

    Mum (Christine) passed me on your details - she often mentions that she wonders what you are up to - now we know.

    You seem to have got a great lifestyle at the moment (if maybe a little cold) - I love the pics on the site. I am doing a bit myself at www.willcarden.daportfolio.com and managing to get a little work from it as well. I was in the property and building game 'till a year or so ago then got crunched!! Hey Ho, shit happens!

    If you are down this way PLEASE give me a shout if you need somewhere to stay for a day or so or just even somewhere to park your truck.

    Anyway - mustn't keep you from your work.

    Stay in touch

    Will (Carden) (aged 46 7/8))

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Adrian! I spent the weekend holed up, didn't even get much chance to play with PSE, I was too cranky for anything that required patience anyway. ANYWAY this is just a longwinded excuse for missing your birthday. LOL

    hehehehe Gotta love that Black Grouse eh? SAVE THE BLACK GROUSE! ;o)

    Have a wonderful day!

    ps - not only seniors forget about the ISO/other settings. I've done that on more than one occasion, I've just barely entered the realm of adulthood. ;o)

  3. I think one of your bird pictures you have seen as blurred ,there are two birds in the frame black headed gull. many happy belated returns Adrian, tried as I may I could not get on your comments yesterday, prefer 20 year old Glenfiddich myself. not into saving birds while I am drinking,

  4. Amongst the list of pre-set options on my camera, there's a food setting. It's puzzled me, mostly because I hadn't realised people wanted to take pictures of their food very often but also because I haven't been able to work out what the camera thinks its doing to the picture when I try that button. Now I know. It makes the photo blurry. How useful!


  5. Will, thanks I'll drop you an e-mail.

    Krista, no worries, hope you are feeling better.
    Black Grouse nature conservation at it's finest.
    I have written large in the lid of my camera bag CHECK SETTINGS. Camera wasn't in it's bag though!!

    Tony, nothing like doing a bit of good while doing a bit of bad! Will check your site again as it's not been loading or loading but no images.

    Lucy yes it should open the aperture wide for a shallow depth of field. If you go the DSLR route any time and haven't got a DOF preview button then just undo the lens 1/4 of a turn and you will see what the sensor sees, do it back up before shooting.

  6. Adrain,

    I'll have to admit this isn't my first visit to your blog because I've jumped over from Krista's a few times, but it may be my first comment. You see, I'm even more ancient than you. Speaking of more ancient, I've figured out how to not forget that to set your ISO back - never change it. Actually I should probably try changing mine sometime, but other than doing some experiments just to see what happened I've always left it at 160. I read somewhere, and it seems to prove true that that is the optimal for my Olympus E-30.

    I really enjoy your photos and on this post I especially liked the last two.

    Thanks for dropping by and becoming a follower.

  7. Scott, thank you, Took me ages to realize that the only way to hand hold a 500mm lens was to bang ISO up to between 1000 and 2500. Olympus I use the E-3, it's OK unless you get large single tone areas. The topaz plug in filter will get rid of most of the noise. Though having only had it a week or so it takes some getting used to. About time Oly came up with a new top end camera but as I only purchase used it will be a long time before one drops my way.

  8. Glad you had a good day Adrian.
    What an excellent way to indulge in a spot of bird conservation. I'm all for that ;)

  9. Keith, can't think of a greener way to liver failure.

  10. I am pleased that you had good b/day.

  11. Great post Adrian. The last two images are lovely. Looks a fabulous location.

  12. Don't know if you know the blog this comes from - but, in case you don't, thought you would enjoy seeing these egrets . . . here's the link . . .



  13. Excellent thank you Bob.

    Angie it is but foe some reason I'm not keen on the town.
    Lucy had a look, thanks, they are beautiful.