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Sunday, 28 March 2010

THE DEER HUNTER (25/03/10)

Today a determined effort to see the Roe Deer. This time we managed some photographs but not without some serious creeping about. The professionals refer to it as stalking I believe. Funny how language changes, both creepy and stalking now have connotations that I would prefer not to be associated with. How about Deering? Anyway it was out with the Sherlock Homes head gear or would have been had I thought to look for one and off into the undergrowth.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      This image can’t even be described as soft focus, no focus more aptly describes it. So preoccupied with beating each others brains out they took little notice of us. A bit early in the year for this carry on, maybe it was a dispute over a particularly tasty bit of lichen.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They are getting used to both me and the dog this one let me get around fifty feet away before it decided enough was enough.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis one is braver still and cheeky with it. Were it a rifle and not a camera it wouldn’t stick it’s tongue out at me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe decided to hop the fence into the Hall gardens and quite a high fence it is at around five feet. Hope nobody notices or my name will be mud.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Off he goes. I’ve worked out that though they move very fast they don’t go far. It enables one to circle back round down wind of them and have another go. Kept us amused for an hour or so.

As for Molly all this heel and shsh! Well, exhausting it is……………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The weather is pretty grim, my own fault for celebrating the rain last weekend. The trouble is when it starts it doesn’t know when to stop.


  1. Well, you're certainly getting a variety of subjects.
    Love that shot where he's poking his tongue out.

    Good to see Molly charging the batteries ready for the next mission.

  2. Keith, what she does best apart from barking.

  3. Pleased you managed some shots of the deer. It's time Molly took a photo of you recovering after a creeping / stalking session.

  4. John, they seem to get used to one after a while. Don't know what I was doing with the first one. I'll blame the rain on my specs.