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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

HAPPY EASTER (30/03/10)

Here’s wishing you all a very good weekend.


Perhaps not the most appropriate card but had to play as the weather here is disgusting. I hope it’s better where you are.

Looking again ‘Restraint’ ought to be my middle name!!

All the very best.



  1. This is different. Fire on Easter. We need it here as it is cold and the roof is covered in thick frost.

  2. Abe, not that cold here, damp cold. The fire is a bit Gothic for Easter, totally inappropriate is probably more accurate.

  3. Nicely done Adrian. Definitely different.

  4. I find it an interesting combination. Here in SW Sweden, it is an old tradition to light bonfires on Easter Eve. Supposedly (once upon a time...) to keep witches and evil at bay, waiting for Resurrection Sunday. And Daffodils (here called Easter Lilies) are used as symbols of Easter, resurrection, spring and new life.

  5. Trevor, took me ages to work out how to do it, then had to start again as I had missed out the 'S'. Happy Eater not quite the same. As I press and see, it took nearly as long the second time around. Come in handy for Goth week in Whitby though.

  6. Dawn Treader, I read and posted it, it assures me it is. Fire and Easter Lillies. Sure I knew that Swedish custom all along!

  7. LOL Adrian... this is awesome! It's making me giggle! I am intrigued by the Swedish custom. I had never heard of that before!

    At any rate, your PS skills are great. Hope you'll post the flames and reflections tips for me... :o) I have four days off at Eater (lol how apt) so hope to mess around a bit too!

    The weather here is ok. Blue sky... so it will be sunny when the sun comes up over the mountains. I'm sure it'll be a melter! I hope it improves for you soon!

  8. Krista, heavy rain turned to sleet now. I've seen fiery images before but they all involved an image, this is drawn, will do a 'Seeing To' if I can remember how.
    Amazing isn't it...There I was thinking I'm a touch out of order and then I'm spot on for a Swede. The devil looks after his own! In my experience messing around doesn't take too long, that's where PSE comes into it's own.

  9. Nice one Adrian. nice to see the national flower of Wales. it seems you get enough leeks. so I will not mention them. happy Easter from Nilelife

  10. Well, Adrian, you sure managed to come up with something that noone else will thing of. Surely.....

  11. Great card Adrian. Hope you have a good Easter where you are.

  12. Tony, no leeks here it's turned to snow or sleet to be precise.

    GB, the devil makes work for idle hands, by happen stance tis a Swedish Easter theme.

    Keith, ta and you have a good weekend.