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Thursday, 11 March 2010

A DAY AT HOME (11/03/10)

Apart from a run to get the paper and a couple of constitutional wanders down to the lake we have stopped in today. Under would be more accurate, three hours freezing to death grovelling below the truck trying to sort the handbrake.  Stripped three of the back brakes before finding a sticking piston on the fourth. Molly retreated inside, she hates foul language, she assumes, usually correctly, that it’s her it’s addressed towards. So not a lot further forward but have arranged for a mobile mechanic to order a new cylinder and fit it next week while we are in Ingleton.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    This was taken at dusk yesterday evening, the Grey Lags on their way home.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Black Headed Gulls getting excited over something.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I have no idea what it is but the ducks and goose seem oblivious.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     A couple of Mallard on their way in. The males seem out of all proportion to the females here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Here he comes, lost the other one, I was rather hoping to get a synchronized splash down.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    A good landing………As a pilot friend of mine is fond of saying there is no such thing as a bad landing… If you walk away.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA fine example of a Canada Goose, I hung around for ages to catch them taking off or landing, to no avail. this is definitely a Canada Goose, thanks to Keith at HOLDINGMOMENTS I can now tell the difference between these and Barnacle Geese. I would like to offer a timely word of thanks to all the birders out there who have patiently corrected and educated me. I’m still far from bomb proof when it comes to identifying birds, plants and mammals but it makes walks considerably more enjoyable. Also saves time in conversation. Pheasant is much quicker to say than noisy, spotted, brown thing, about the size of a medium hen.

As yet another aside, it helps to be bomb proof when filming geese, they crap constantly in quantity. Makes saturation bombing look tame.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is as close as it would let us approach. Brave bird considering Molly was off her lead. She adores geese, when she was a pup I lost her and found her asleep under the wing of a domestic goose. Not that this one is to know that. Nor, for that matter, does it know that roast goose is one of my favourite meals! Their rendered fat also makes the finest roast potatoes. Me thinks it is time to stop salivating before I alienate all you birders out there.

Tomorrow back to the Yorkshire Dales for a few days, then back to Patterdale. After that it’s anyone's guess.



  1. WOW! For being a day 'in' you sure did see lots of birds! I'm jealous... all I can see is snow and ice. :oP

    I can't even manage to pick a favourite from today's shots. Though I am partial to the one of the two mallards, and of course the goose shots. I've never been that close to a goose that wasn't chasing me. lol

  2. Krista they do bully, but are not dangerous. They are curious so if you sit down they tend to come closer.
    Having a cleaver in one hand and a frying pan in the other helps! they won't 'dis' you then.

  3. Well done, your pictures are really great. The first one, is a beautiful picture against the wonderul sky.

  4. Very fantastic pictures. I get the impression that goose is looking out of the picture at me. (Arrogance or paranoia?)


  5. Bob, glad you appreciate the brisk of looking up at a skein of geese.

    Lucy, they are fine, I must admit to a highlight in it's eye. Thank god for a paint brush.

  6. Hope you manage to get the truck sorted soon Adrian. I'm hopless at anything mechanical.

    You're making these bird in flight shots look so easy. And the last shot is a beauty.

  7. BAAAAHAHAHahahahaa... I am sure that you're right!

    The last time I saw a goose was before I learned the 'sit and let animals come to ME' trick. Will have to try that next time I see one... if I'm brave enough, and packing a cleaver and frying pan. ;o)

  8. the first, 2nd and the one with the two mallard ducks are my favorite! Beautiful -am glad I found you!

  9. Keith, I will, nothing critical. The birds are getting better, slowly. Sunlight helps.

    Krista, they can only give you a peck. Your geese aren't as foul tempered as Grey Lags, wee hissing devils are they.

    Jeannette, thank you for popping by, happy you enjoyed the experience.

  10. Adrian ..great shots...I think they are your best bird shots yet. Now you have mastered the big birds it is time to get out and do the same with the LBJ's (little brown jobs). I think the flight shots are excellent and it is something I need a lot more practice with. Keep up the good work.

  11. Wow. I love the motion and the sun on the wings.

  12. Trevor thanks for all your encouragement. I think things are heading in the right direction.

    Jolynne, glad you like them.

  13. Some good shots here ..

    Sorry to hear about the brakes - it must be very frustrating

    One good thing - it looks like the weather is going to improve .. until Easter weekend at least !!

  14. Petrus thanks. The brakes do work just the parking brake sticks on from time to time, the saga continues.

  15. Great duck landing shots.

    Having nearly landed vertically in a small plane entirely unintentionally (we fell out of the sky in clear air turbulance - we were flying at 500 feet at the time!) I'm with your pilot friend on the definitions front.

    I don't do 'under the car' any more. I did enough in my younger days and enjoyed it. How we change!

  16. Well done mate! great shots, The light in the two black headed gulls shots is perfect. Hope all goes well with the infernal combustion and brakes side of things so you can continue your quest!