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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


We are back from a fruitless journey. I decided to walk down the west shore of the lake to Otterbield Bay. Due to bridge damage in the November floods this is now an eight mile round trip. What seems like half of it walking through town and down the main road, not my favourite pastime.

We arrived on the far shore and strolled to the aforementioned bay. Despite it’s promising title I have grave doubts that it has ever seen an Otter. We certainly didn’t. Now I had forgotten the map, it would have been as quick to circumnavigate the lake, due to my brain fade we retraced our steps, better that, than lost in forest with no food and nothing to drink.

A total of three frames were exposed, a scintillating walk! This is the best……………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The landing stage at Hawes End.

I thought you were going to be treated to some out takes but remembered we went out at first light, so downloaded the memory card and was pleasantly  surprised. I only hope you are!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ruined Boat house at Fawepark.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Fawepark in all it’s early morning glory.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The view down Derwent Water, there’s still some thin ice about.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA Grey Lag Goose soaking up the first rays of sunshine, meanwhile not fifty yards away……………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       The Swan was still asleep, alright, it may be having a quick peep.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        It’s mate was likewise fast off. I could have done with a long stick to poke it away from the shadow.

I’ve just realised it’s a week since Molly had her hair cut……………………………Here she is…..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Butter wouldn’t melt herself. She is debating whether to come back as she has just had a good roll in goose crap. She’s not daft, displaying her clean side.

We are here tomorrow so will get out somewhere. I also have to have another go at the handbrake as it still sticks on now and again.



  1. Wow - what a great morning you had! Too bad about the fruitless walk though.

    Molly's cut is beautiful, she's a superstar! Aren't they smart... hey look dad, I'm all clean see? No goose poo on me!!! ;o)

    The goose and the swan shots are incredible. The goose is among my favourites of your shots actually! And I like the way the swans are reflected too.

  2. Krista could have gone back to bed for all the good the walk was.
    I never really thought whilst shooting, at that time in the morning short on that stuff you have given up and caffeine, I'm not capable!
    I promise the best geese round here are from Canada, will do my bestest tomorrow to get some flying along and landing....without crashing into one another...called reflecting the positive side of life!

  3. The boathouse shot has a lovely reflection in the water Adrian, as does the second one of the lake.
    Really is beautiful there.
    Molly steals the show again. She's a star.

  4. Magnificent Greylag.

    I'm glad the top photo (which is lovely) is of a landing stage, not the broken bridge (which is what I first thought when I read your introduction).


  5. Keith, you've returned, Molly is a filthy wee beast!

    Lucy, glad you like the goose very obliging it was. Have half a dozen frames of it.
    Went to investigate the bridge looked OK to me, I'm not the county footpath surveyor, one of his stiles nearly broke my neck! was desperate today, good job I shoot on instinct early doors.

  6. What a beautiful scene, the ones that I think is: the boathouse in the reflection of the water and other one, the vision of water and no interruptions. Any way, they are wonderful, all of them.

  7. Beautiful water reflections, it must have been really still. Love that first one of the landing stage - and the second swan picture is amazing, I don't think I ever saw a sleeping swan. (And never occurred to me to wonder how it would look either...)

  8. Bob, thank you.

    Dawn treader, the swans have to be careful in winter they can get frozen in. Seems weeks now that we have had windless sunny days.

  9. Great reflections Adrian, especially like the third one.

  10. John, thanks, yes the lake is very low.