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Thursday, 1 April 2010

WHAT IS THIS? (01/04/!0)


Immerged into the world today and had a strange and uneasy feeling that something was wrong. It took a minute or so to realize that we were without the patter of rain. I hopped out of bed and remembered the date, this is a trick. So wrapping up well we wandered down to the estuary, no April Fools prank and barely a cloud in the sky. It really is for real.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANothing about to photograph with the exception of this old anchor. better make the most of it I thought so I took another shot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Stop laughing at the afflicted, I know it’s clichéd. I also know I have very wet trouser legs, it’s still a bit on the chilly and damp side for kneeling in mud.

There were no birds or mammals around so we strolled back by way of the station, the River Irt was the locomotive on duty today.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        She is newer than the River Mite and from the drivers point of view has a little more protection from the elements.


Looks a bit odd this, almost a stitch job………Pure chance!

There’s a bit of cloud about and it is cold but if it’s anything like this in the morning I’m off to look for Herons, Frogs and an Adder that I’ve been told about. I’ll have to watch Molly with the latter a bite on her nose would be most unpleasant and no doubt expensive.



  1. YAAAAAY Sunshine! That's awesome, Adrian - I'm glad for some clear weather for you.

    The top shot is beautiful... the bright blue sky reflects nicely off the bits of water around the foreground.

    Those little trains are sure cool! The two shots together... funny how it looks like they match up but only until you look closer...

  2. Krista tis brilliant, have a great weekend.

  3. Clichéd or not, that's a good shot Adrian.
    Had sun here this morning, but soon turned to rain.

  4. That's what my morning is like this Good Friday (except that I cannot see a cloud anywhere!).

    I did laugh at the shot through the eye of the anchor but, for all that, it's a good pic!

  5. Good pictures Adrian, the miniature puffers and those anchors are brilliant.

  6. Keith, thanks best shot I've got in a month. It was dry all day here.

    GB, It's good Friday here but looks as if it will soon be wet Friday. Glad you like it.

    Bob, cheers, I'm by the locos.