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Wednesday, 28 April 2010


For regular visitors I apologise. No Pictures today, no proper ones. Over a week ago the camera and 500mm lens hit the floor. After numerous attempts I seem to have the camera back to, near normal. This morning I had a go at the lens, as the camera now works adequately with my other glass. (They put an awful lot of bits in there), quite a puzzle, a damn sight harder than the Telegraph Crossword! Not barely made a start on that. Plenty of time in the twilight hours.

image  The end result a swallow at over a hundred yards, this is full frame and the lens auto focussed. In rain!!

Anyone like a camera mended…………I’ve gone deaf…………….Send it back to the manufacturers.

The main problem is that Olympus must be about to announce a new top end camera. Nothing wrong with the E-3 but they have better dynamic range on the PENN range or whatever it’s called. It would also be nice to decide bracketing  and the number of exposures. What we will get is… HD video. Not for me.

I do know one man who mounts a Cannon on a posh shoulder harness and has virtually stopped using video cameras. He is a bit weird mind! Also challenged in the brain cell department. It’s the first still camera he’s owned. The results are cinematic standard. Not saying too much when one considers that digital is still struggling to meet transparency film range. Remember those projectors, brilliant! Try zooming to 200% on a digital image without re-sampling, they are appalling. The danger is that owt’ll do for a monitor.

I still print a few and the best interpolation software can’t compete with medium format scanned.

I can hear you now………Don’t whisper!…………Daft old bugger is living in the past.

For those that were expecting a photo here is one from yesterday………………….

image      This is not good the second coming of a sunrise………..Told you!…………Try this…………….

image The first coming. It was boring, tomorrow is looking good. Another sunrise and IGNORE the blessed castle we’ll walk the other way.

Am now going to settle down and explain how to do exploding text  effects…………No I’m not, Molly wants a walk, big lens or little lens? Cheers……Good job we are only here once………Couldn’t stand this all over again…..Don’t know how Buddhists and Christians manage……What! This is just Kindergarten!!


  1. Hiya Adrian!

    I hope you're just now out for a great walk with Molly. Sorry to hear that you dropped your lens! Yowza...

    Love the sunrise and sunset shots... I really like shooting when the sun peeks through the clouds, like in your sunrise shot here!

  2. At least you got a recognisable photo of a Swallow.

  3. Krista, good to see you back, not just the lens the whole lot hit the floor. Almost mended now.

    Emma, thanks, the reflections are better than the skies.

    John, yes I think I'm almost there with both camera and lens.

  4. Adrian, I have a boat load of treasured slides from days gone past... Where do you get yours printed? I would love to.

  5. Katherine, I don't print slides but if you have a load the best way is to get a slide scanner, scan them into your computer and print from there. There are attachments for digital cameras that do the job or specialised machines fro Nikon costing an awful lot of money. GB scans his. I suggest asking him.

  6. I used to have a camer attachment for copying slides. OK but.... I think scanning is the easy way.

    The 'man you know' does seem to have gone a bit overboard!