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Thursday, 29 April 2010

ARRESTED (29/04/10)

Not quite but it was a close run thing, I can understand that standing outside the ladies toilets with a long lens, a camera and a pair of binoculars could leave ones motives open to misinterpretation. I’ll explain…. ‘Your Honour’……..See, three days ago a pair of Swallows turned up, now I’ve been following them about and have noticed they are starting to build a nest, (you are ahead of me here), under the eaves of the porch outside the ladies conveniences.

image       To you and the rest of the world, a toilet block. To me a nest site.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The cause of the embarrassment at dawn this morning. After taking this in poor light and half a gale we went to find Deer. The walk was fine and so I hope were the Deer, we never saw them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Blackthorn Blossom……I hope! Funny stuff, some flowers have four petals, some five and yet others six. Can only think they are moulting or what ever it is flowers do when they mislay bits.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the path to everywhere and we are just starting to get new leaves, another day or so and they will cast a green tinge over everything. A favourite time for me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A Pied Wagtail, this system focuses then can still shift but I am getting there £2K+ gives me the incentive.

image My first butterfly shot of the year…….A Veined White……..I hope!!

Back to the cause of the bother…………………………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here he is on the ablutions block roof.

imageHere she is with a beak full of mud to stuff up under the eaves. Now, this may sound daft but they are collecting dry earth from a field, when there is a stream not two hundred yards away with wet mud. How do they get dry mud to stick together? Ok…..I’ve thought of the obvious. It must be easier to fly with dry mud, given the speed they go at.

That’s all for today, for any insomniacs, there’s a new ‘How To’ on Seeing to Pictures.



  1. I thought you were going missing for a while..still..a nice close up of the Swallow Adrian. They are really colourful when you get a close up view.

  2. Trevor, ta! They are grand, like Robins fearless. So are easy when parked, love to get them in flight. I've posted but can't get on with Northumberland. Don't know why.

  3. Outside the ladies toilets, well I never thought of it. They are good pictures of the Swallows, ah yes, you must not show us everything.

  4. Bob Thanks, the one on the roof has five stars. They are great they fly for miles twice a year and can still move at the speed of light. Wonder how long they live?

  5. Great post. And... the average life span of the average swallow is 4-6 years. This of course depends on the accuracy of womens purses as they leave or enter the ladies conveniences! :)

  6. Nice shot of the swallow, not seen one carry dry material unless its for the inner nest, can not have the chicks growing up in mud.

  7. Fantastic shots, Adrian! I'm sure we could take up a collection and post bail if you need us to. Forget "one phone call" you'll need "one blog post" and we'll have you out lickety split. LOL!

    That picture of the trail is beautiful, I want to be there now!

  8. The Swallow on the roof tiles is a real cracker of a shot. You must be over the Moon with that one. I nearly got a photo of one today. 'Twas sat on a wire above the back road I was driving along but as I hastily applied the brakes it decided to fly off!

    When I saw the title I though you were going to write about your development ;)

  9. It's time to live, thanks, yes they are building very close to the ground, I can reach the nest.

    Tony, Ta, they have only got to the foundation stage.

    Krista, Thanks, if I could get one that crisp in flight that would be something.

    John, Yes one to keep. They are not particularly nervous just very busy, always on the go. Always was borderline 'Special Needs'. In my day I recall 'Thick' was the term.

  10. Funny! Laughed at Krista's comment about just one blog post. That shot of the swallow on the roof is simply wonderful!

  11. Adrian, excellent post. Had me laughing all through it. I get this strange mental image of you lurking outside that toilet block lol
    Cracking shots of the Swallow.

  12. Pauline, three days to get a decent shot of it. Worth it.

    Keith, I was actually chatting to a lady we were discussing the ins and outs of bird images when another lady arrived and asked if she was all right as she'd seen me with the camera. It ended with a laugh. No worries!

  13. Wonderful images. That close-up of the swallow is absolutely magnificent!

  14. Katherine thanks, got one in the end.

  15. Love the swallow and your introduction; hope you didn't get into too much trouble.

  16. Adrian. Very well done. Super shot of the swallow on the roof. Lovely colours of bird and roof tiles and lichen...excellent...you must be feeling flushed with success !!...sorry just couldn't resist that one. Blackthorn blossom also excellent. Isn't it a wonderful time of the year. Keep up the good work and enjoy your weekend.

  17. Jolynne, thanks, no bother at all, well not much.

    Brian, thanks, wish i had thought of that line, it's a great time of the year.

  18. Well worth the trouble Adrian... Last but one shot of the Swallow is great!

  19. Lovely picture of the swallow on the roof tile (great colours!), and also the blackthorn.
    My blogfriend Ginny in the US also had a post about swallows today. She happened to come upon the swallows BEFORE nesting... Here's a link

  20. More woodland walks. I miss them already.

    Yes £2k+ would be quite an incentive. I was admiring Gaz's new £manyK Canon a few days ago and then remembered why I'd abandoned the 'heavy stuff'. My bag used to weigh 16 kilos all up. Now it weighs 1.162 with 2 cameras (equivilent 640mm lens) and spare batteries. The weight limit for cabin bagage is 6k as a rule. I dropped my last Olympus and wrote it off. £370 bought me a new Sony. All of a sudden the Fourth Deadly Sin was no longer in danger of being broken.

    OK I may be limited on occasions but then I'm never more than a couple of metres and a couple of seconds away from my entire photographic armoury.

  21. Oh lovely - I adore swallows, they are such unexpectedly gorgeous little birds. I've spent hours just watching them swoop and hunt over a little pond, flashing that brilliant blue as the flit around. I really like the shot of the path as well!

  22. Gwendolyn, yes they are relaxing to ponder on, not that one would thinks so given the speed they go at.