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Sunday, 25 April 2010

UP WITH THE LARK (25/04/10)

This morning dawned misty, no, not that good, hazy. We went out but the light was awful.

Called it off came back and second breakfasted. A good job we did, it rained. By eleven the sun was doing it’s best so we set off on the half hour walk to the seaside. A half hour walk for us can easily turn into an hour or more. Molly has to sniff every inch of ground and I get distracted by birds, buildings, fences…………. Anything…. A good job there’s no rush.

I’ve never seen so many people, disregarding a supermarket car park,  in months.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Embleton Bay…………The good thing is it’s dog friendly. Molly is at long last learning not to drink sea water, a good thing. Too much salt is bad for one, I won’t go into detail of what it does to a dog!!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Dunstanburgh Castle and yet another people jam.

Add to the above a golf course and one has serious congestion. I’m sticking around this time. PHIL has made suggestions and looking at what he finds, I won’t gainsay him. I found a Cowslip, the first of the year for me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A grand plant, proper spring. The leaves are starting to unbud or sprout, I’m an engineer not a botanist! Won’t be but a short day before summer.

I’ve seen a couple of Swallows, can’t catch them on camera, like greased lightening. I am amazed they still have that much go in them considering how far they migrate. Surely they don’t have to go as far as Africa for a Midge.

Look after yourselves and Happy Birthday to KEITH.


  1. Blimey, 'tis busy up there ... but it tends to be on Sundays. Should quieten down a lot once the working week starts. High tide tends to drive them up the beach too... any terns yet? You can often watch them plunge diving off this beach and in the other direction, towards low newton...

  2. Okay, you've got a good excuse with the swallow, but surely the castle ruin was standing pretty still? ;) (I had a look at the previous post too.)
    Beautiful cowslip picture though, and the beach does seem like a good place for a walk.

  3. A lovely beach and "olde" castle(don't believe in all those people).

  4. Cheers Adrian ;)

    All those people.......no garden centres round there? Or car boots?

  5. I don't blame the people for getting out on a spring day. They add their own charm.

  6. Scenery of the eternity is splendid.

    What a beautiful bouquet!!
    It is very Gorgeous colors.

    Thank you for showing a wonderful view.

  7. Phil, considering it was a bit damp and dismal very busy. No Terns yet. I see there is a lake on the map just this side of Low Newton so will have a look at that end.

    Dawntreader, be patient, today is castle day, I will try and do it justice.

    Bob, they will have gone today. it is a grand beach. Will have a walk down for sunrise before I leave.

    Keith, Ramblers seem to ramble by the bus load, Can only think that the Curling was cancelled on telly.

    Jolynne, I don't blame them, it's a freeish country. Not sure about the charm bit though.

    Ruma, it is beautiful and will get better as things warm up.

  8. Your walks sound much like mine. Either I'm waiting for Bobby to finish sniffing or he is waiting for me to finish photoing.

    Tried the past two summers to photograph Swallows. Think this year I'll try video. At least the camera can stay pretty well pointing in one direction ;)

  9. Crikey, I'd head for the hills if I saw that many people! But I guess we can't begrudge others the beauty of the beach on a lovely day. (I'd be the bloke on a box waiting for them to all to go away! After the sex change, that is!)

  10. John, yes it takes for ever to get from A to B. Just as well we aren't usually in a rush. I saw a post some time ago someone had built fencing from their nest to provide a corridor for them to fly through. I seem to recall the results being impressive.

    Pauline, yes it was a bit of a shock to my system.