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Friday, 23 April 2010

JILTED (23/04/10)



I’ve just realised that you haven’t had a map. Better late than never.

We went looking for the Red Squirrel again. Over an hour and a half sitting around but it stood us up. Fortunately the northerly winds have dropped so although the sky was overcast it was a pleasant vigil. There was very little else about within range so not a very exciting day.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    All is still heading in the right direction we saw a couple of butterflies but they weren’t hanging around for photographs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  We had a good tramp around the site of the ironworks but after one hundred and sixty years there is nothing left.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I’ll leave you with this Robin………………..He’s wishing you all a very happy St. Georges Day……..I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.

Tomorrow we move on to the Northumbrian coast. We’ll see what that has to offer.

All the best and have a good weekend.



  1. Hi Adrian, If you haven't already been there you might like Craster. Big car park, pub on the edge of the harbour with fine views of Dunstanbrough castle, good walks north and south (seabird cliffs and Cullernose Point and check out the remarkable bathing house a little further south at Howick). Or you might lke Low Newton - excellent pub called The Ship just down from the car park and a good walk around to Football Hole or along the beach to Dunstanbrough. Alnmouth is very pictureesque too.....

  2. Phil, many thanks, I was there or there abouts last year. I've yet to get the mindset for Northumberland. I love the wide open vistas and the light. Will most likely stick around until I do it justice. What do you think of Kielder? I was not impressed though Ospreys are there and no doubt loads of flora and fauna, which I have a tendency to walk past or worse on. Thanks again.

  3. Things are quiet Adrian but you can always bank on the Robin to lift the gloom.

  4. Where are you getting the arial maps from Adrian, its a good way to show where we are. like most people think luxor is in the States. i have an egypt map but? You did well getting that nice shot of the robin.

  5. There is a lovely softness to todays photos, Adrian. Not to mention that blurring effect I'm still struggling with. I will need another map when you move, can't figure out if the
    Northumbrian coast is east or west.

  6. That seems the way a photographer's life goes. A couple of unexpected shots of a red squirrel but they all hide when you go looking for them.

  7. Trevor, Yes always willing are Robins. There's stuff about but they all seem to be on a mission.

    Tony, Google Maps, just had a look they do Egypt. The screen grabs are using Snagit, the latter you have to pay for but there is a free trial if you want to have a go. Thank heaven for Robins.

    Bob Cheers.

    Pauline, it is harder for you than me, compact cameras aren't good at it. Try the macro setting. The coast is on the same side as Norway.

    John, not to worry was speaking to a local photographer he hasn't seen one for three years.
    Were I falling over them then I wouldn't have felt so good when I got a shot.

  8. Hi Adrian, I have to say that coniferous forests aren't my favourite places to visit but - like you say - they do have their highlights. Hamsterley, just down the road from us, is a great place to watch nightjars - amazing birds with a spooky call and an inquisitive nature, that will fly around your head to get a good look at you. The downside is that you have to look for them on warm summer nights after dusk ... and you get eaten alive by midges while you wait for them to show up......

  9. Phil, they are pretty bleak places. Especially Forestry Commission. A bit more variation in species wouldn't go amiss. Kielder does look as if they are trying, and at least they allow access. I don't really mind midges unless I'm breathing them.