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Friday, 23 April 2010

CALL ME NIGEL (23/04/10)

Yesterday was devoted to cleaning washing and cooking. The latter was more interesting than usual as a mobile fish van called round. He had a superb selection and I went mad.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA              Lobster, Squid and smoked Haddock. The corn plasters are not on the menu, yes I have got a poorly foot. Good value at £10.00p. So pasta and seafood this evening and tomorrow as well by the look of things.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA               All ready for the fire. Squid marinating in lemon juice, potatoes cos I like them, lobster and haddock they are both cooked. pepper garlic and ginger, there’s a chilli or two hiding in there as well, finally a chopped onion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                Cheese sauce to wet it all down a bit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                 All done and ready to eat.

Today I am going with a long lens to try for more squirrel pictures, I’ll also call at the Heritage Centre. With a bit of luck there will be some more later.


  1. Haddock is not on my radar and I don't like squid but I could polish off that crayfish before you knew it was missing!

    Oh, and who is Nigel? I thought you meant Nigella and was a bit confused there for a minute!

  2. Pauline, haddock are about a foot or so long they have a thumb print one side of their head and two finger prints the other. Purported to be where St Peter picked one up, bit like the cross on the back of the donkey. Bet you are more confused now!
    I wanted to be Nigella but haven't the correct equipment. All the best.

  3. Looks appetising Nigel. Also sounds to be cheaper than the choices from the fish van that comes here though he doesn't go for fancy things like squid. I am very unadventurous in my choices, usually skate, haddock or plaice.

  4. Does the fish man come to Ireland ? we would have to pay more than a tenner just for the lobster,you got a bargain there.The food looks delicious,you are quite a gourmet,it seems,you don't need lessons from Nigella !!

  5. John You are not missing much with squid, unless you are very careful it has the texture of an old inner tube.

    Matron, doubt it. He was very good value, mind you it was late afternoon so everything was probably discounted.

  6. Cod and chips is about my 'fish' limit; but that does look rather tasty.

  7. Keith, it was and enough for two days, three really I was just greedy.

  8. That looks scrumptious and I cannot believe how cheap it was - about a third of the price in Birkenhead market!

  9. Once I realised he was open to negotiation I said I fancy a seafood pasta and I'd trust him to select £10.00p worth. He was from Eyemouth I said to him it's only people who have never met a Yorkshireman who think Scots are tight.