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Thursday, 8 April 2010

THE GOOD THE BAD AND…….. (08/04/10)

This morning I went out at first light we walked down the riverside and came back slowly through the woods working upwind. Guess what? Still no Deer……Reminds me of the old  joke……….Oh!… Alright…….

‘What do you call a blind Deer?…………………………..No idea!’

‘What do you call a blind Deer with no legs?                  Still no idea!’

Yes I am cracking up and I blame the Woodpecker it’s not three yards away and every time I go for the camera it’s away like lightening. I sit still holding a rig that starts off heavy when it feels like the twenty kilo legal limit I come back to the computer. It comes back to the tree, so life goes on, I've got to have more cunning than a Woodpecker I’ll think of a way….Bostick on the tree seems to be carrying things a bit far.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Another new calf this morning, or maybe I didn’t notice him yesterday, I suspect he’s only a few hours old as his legs were not quite in tune with his brain.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This Coltsfoot was under water when we arrived here, amazing to think it can stand drowning and a raging torrent then flower all within a couple of days.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Shot this simply because it was there.

We came back for breakfast, then out again to see the Dipper.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Well here it is at about the limit of my range. It’s nest building, I know within a yard where it’s nest is, I can get six feet above it but can’t see it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These are the best I got, hard work is birding. Not to mention wet on the bum!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      A Blue Tit admiring the new feeder layout.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      This Great Tit is also appreciative.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Is this a female Chaffinch? she flew in the van but I caught her and she seems non the worse for her explorations.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here it is again, the best today, so far. Looking at this they don’t come much worse!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Wren is better but not much.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          As I mentioned earlier I have moved the seed feeder out onto a thin twig, I’m about out of seed , these little blighters sit on the tree and empty a feeder twice a day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA That’s sorted them, they now have to peck around in the bark for insects.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        ‘Are you deaf? These are my meal worms!’

That’s all for today, I have to sort some of these pictures. I’ve got a new system for these wee birds, aperture wide open, manual focus, shutter speed at least 1/1000 sec. and motor drive or whatever it’s called on digital cameras. The trouble is it’s reasonably successful but leaves me with a plethora of images to sort.



  1. You got some pretty good shots there Adrian well done nice pair of robins. good job the Blue tits were singular or did you split the frame. save embarrassment.

  2. What a beautiful series! But the 1st one is my favorite!

  3. Tony, thanks, two different Tits I hope. Thought the second was a Great Tit but you know me; can't tell me Auk from me Emu.

    Sishir, thanks, the first was probably the easiest.

  4. Adrian, I love your photos! :) They are fantastic :) Especially with birds :)

  5. You're getting quite the master at these bird images Adrian.
    Dippers! I ain't seen one in years, and you've got pictures. Nice one.
    That second Nuthatch is a cracker, and the two Robins, a perfect capture.

  6. Keith , thanks, I try and work out how you proper birders do it, not sure I've cracked it yet. However it suits me. Sitting on my bum for an hour or so. They are entertaining. I not only have a Woodpecker to sort but a Little Owl. Now for an owl shot in the wild I'd sell my truck.

    Urszula, thank you I like your soft focus, I must try it with birds, most are, no processing involved.

  7. Cracking post Adrian. I love your sense of humour! This post has made my day. Highlights: Everything! :-)

  8. Great reading Adrian. You basically have the same problem with the Dipper as I have....still soldier on. The Robins and Nuthatch shots are great..pity the wily Woodpecker is giving you the run around.

  9. Angie thanks glad I can provide a little amusement.

    Trevor, the Robins, pure luck! I would get over the other side of the burn but it's the farmyard of my mole killing friend so that is out.

  10. Yes - she was a female Chaffinch and I love the second Nuthatch photo.

    GB occasionally responds to a question with the answer "Bling stag!" When the questioner looks at him in amazement he says "Blind stag - no idea!"

  11. And the blind stag/deer joke goes on and on....

    Adrian. Some of your photos are up there with the very best. Some just with the very good. Stop beating yourself up, man. 'Cos that just makes me feel even worse when I look at mine.

  12. John thanks It does look similar the the one in my book but for her beak. mine must be a black beaked Chaffinch.

    GB, didn't really want to go there but thought if I didn't someone would.
    I'm getting more confident with the birds. Next the mammals! It's mostly thanks to you and fellow bloggers encouragement. I compare with the bird blog shots, some of them are just unbelievable.

  13. Lovely bird shots and although the photo of the ivy is simple,it is my favorite.

  14. Matron, thanks I like it , I'll go back and try and get it without the flash reflection.