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Tuesday, 27 April 2010


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow you can see what is about to occur and so could I. He’s concentrating on the job in hand so hadn’t a clue.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Not any more he isn’t, he’s contemplating soggy feet. Cruel I know but it quite made my morning. I just hope the shot was a stunner.

I’m getting ahead of myself. We got up at four o’clock this morning hoping for some decent light on the castle ruins. Got away in twilight a half hour later. We hadn’t gone quarter of a mile when I heard a loud barking, I knew what it was but couldn’t see it. Molly was whining and whingeing, she knows what they are. I shut her up and we crouched down whilst I scanned the gloom.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      An absolutely awful shot of a female Roe Deer, you don’t want to see the others, you probably didn’t want to see this one! I could barely see it, focus was a bit miss no hits at all! I now know where it was so will go better prepared tomorrow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dawn at the seaside was nothing to get excited about.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese being the best of a bad lot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Mute swans, by this time the sun was behind cloud so not the colour I would have wished for.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Still a lovely sight before breakfast.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      A long way away but I include it as it’s an Eider Duck, at least I hope it is. A first for me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Skylarks were up and about their business so we settled down by an old Pill Box to see if one would land. They stop up in the sky for ever singing away and when they land I can’t tell where. We got lucky after half an hour or so. At least I hope we did……….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       I pray this is a Skylark. I must admit it doesn’t look a whole lot like the one in my book. Well apart from having a beak, tail, two legs and feathers that is.

The light on the castle never amounted to much and the only other birds about were Greylag Geese, Oystercatchers and some unidentified brown jobs that were too quick for me.

We may get out later but it’s turning cold now and the winds getting up, we will see.



  1. The tide looks as dangerous there as it is here. Inshore Rescue are always busy in the visitor season.

    I really like the first sunrise along with the second shot of the flying swans. The unfussy sky makes them stand out well.

    Your 'skylark' looks a lot like the one in the Collins Complete Guide to British Birds.

  2. John. a pity the wave wasn't a foot taller, for me not for him. The swans would have been better with a sunrise cast to them. Glad it looks like the one in Collins, I'll settle for it being one.

  3. Oh for a big wave lol
    Would have made an excellent picture.

    Dawn on the beach looks rather good Adrian. The bottom half of the first one reminds me of a Mars landscape.

    I can't decide if the Skylark is a Meadow Pipit; just to confuse things.....

  4. Keith not too big I would have had to go to his aid! Meadow Pipit, could be, I didn't see it land so can't be sure it's the same one that was singing.

  5. I like your shore shots. Hope you kept your feet dry.

  6. Jolynne, for once yes. I went out in trainers. Forever the optimist if I wear wellies I over estimate their height. One gets seriously wet then.

  7. I can see it takes a lot more to excite you than it does me - I'd be over the moon about those sunrises, that second one is beautiful! As, I think, is the second shot of the swans.

  8. Pauline, It was a busy morning the sky was useless though the reflection of it were OK. Had the swans been ten minutes earlier they would have been bathed in pink light. Such is life.
    You may have a blog problem I can't access your latest post. Good Luck!!

  9. Well done on the Male Eider Adrian. Superb. The sand/shoreline shots are lovely.

  10. Angie must confess I didn't know what it was just knew I hadn't seen one before.

  11. Finally catching up with reading blogs and I must say those shots of the beach are beautiful :-)