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Thursday, 22 April 2010

THE OMEN (22/04/10)

Today is clean and polish day, I have two loads of laundry which here take two hours a load, so I doubt we will get out far.

Yesterday evening I decided to have a look at the sunset, as the light was beginning to fade I noticed an unusual phenomena.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    A fast moving streak of light in the sky. So excited was I that I knocked up the neighbours to witness the occurrence. One, more enthusiastic than the rest, suggested following it. We managed to dissuade him. It took a while. So positive was he that it was evidence of the second coming. The absence of either frankincense or myrrh finally convincing him it would be futile. Not to mention the difficulty of finding two others with sufficient wisdom. Banging on a stable door with one Mag and two idiots really would be rewriting history.

   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Sunset…….This is two exposures one two stops under the other two stops over blended then the foreground selected and blue channel dropped and the red channel increased. It was a sunset of stultifying mediocrity so something had to be done. Whether this was the right something I will leave you to decide.

Tomorrow it’s back into Bellingham for a look round the heritage centre and for further evidence of the old iron works. Saturday we move on to a place called Dunstan Hill, close to the seaside.


  1. I like both photos. I sort of understood what you said about shooting and editing the second one, and I'm really proud that I got any of it at all. It's a lovely picture.

  2. Jolynne, the first photo is a celebration of our return to air travel after a week without.
    The second is heavily edited and if I don't own up certain readers would willingly hang me.
    It's only fun! Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Hi Adrian. The first one untouched is a cracker in its simplicity. The second I am sure you have enhanced what probably was a mundane shot. I think it works well. You have to take a little poetic license sometimes.

  4. L ove your sense of humor!!!!
    Nice evening shot,wonder where the plane was going ?

  5. Trevor, thanks, yes the second had a really good seeing to, twenty minutes worth.

    Matron, glad I made you smile.

  6. The first is a rarity indeed. What a shame they have all come back now.

  7. Keith, it is rare, folk round here were waving at it. Yes I was enjoying the peace.