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Wednesday 25 September 2019


This week I was going to make myself a set of sandwich boards and march up and down Low Road letting the good citizens of Auchtermuchty know the end of the world is nigh. I thought selling Indulgences would be a reasonable sideline. I realised the flaw almost straight away; global government beat me to it with all the enforced Green tax malarkey.

I then decided to have another poke about in Blender and found Metaballs. This link gives a rough explanation.
This is one of the things they do.
I don't know why I have never noticed them before. I'll have to think of something silly to use them for.
Have fun.

Friday 20 September 2019


I am happy to report that having a prorogued parliament is a blessing. Perhaps we can learn from this and lock the doors for eleven months a year. Or only elect folk like Jared O'Mara who does no harm at all and doesn't go to work. Better folk like him than your average MP.
The RNLI have been paying for birkinis in Bangladesh or some such shithole where we send our ships to be scrapped, we also send some of the waste we pop in recycle bins there. They chuck it in the sea for us. I cancelled my contribution over some RNLI poofy nonsense a year or so ago and now only donate to the Salvation Army. A pity as the RNLI do good work on balance but I won't have them virtue signalling on my coin.

Windmills are having serious problems with at least three issues. The first is that they are unsightly and kill birds. The second is that the blades are unable to withstand hail stones and salt crystals so are needing lots of patching up. Patching up the leading edge of an airfoil while swinging about in the air, I suspect, is a fruitless but well paid task. The third snag is that they are still allowed to use Sulphur hexafluoride as an insulating gas and fire supresent. Fluorides have been banned for years as they are a serious greenhouse gas, 25000 times worse than CO² and the dirty beggars are releasing tonnes of it every year. Not to worry our green taxes pay for it.

I started a year ago with this coding malarkey as I wanted to understand how image software works. It just keeps getting more complicated and confusing. I have found that there are a couple of windows one can open in Blender that show the Python code for what you have just done. The more I read it the more sense it makes and the less lines I find confusing. It's a viscous circle.I found this site but can't get an account it uses Captchur......Who uses Captchur these days?
I can't work captchur, funny cos I'm bright enough to get a superscript number after Captchur² using HTML.
I thought it would help me get to grips with the ins and outs of how the 3D stuff works as folk do amazing things with Shadertoy. 
This animates, I think it is written in Java but until I get my head round these languages it could be summat else like Hottentot. I then realised that the Hottentots would still be pondering how to sharpen a stick were it not for slavery so I can discount Hottentot, maybe Arabic as they were quite bright at one time. I naively thought if one got a grasp of C++ one was away. No chance it's not like learning Spanish, Italian or French it's like learning bloody Russian with lots more letters. Admittedly the Russians don't have as many letters as normal folk but they compensate by writing them funny. Much Like coding instructions.
 Naughty haughty coders.
Have fun.

Friday 13 September 2019


I have never had much time for politicians. The country has survived three years since the referendum which shows how little effect they have on anything of importance. We never asked them to get involved in a withdrawal agreement. Involved they decided they had to be and here we are. 
I've made a little video.
It's got a bit foggy. 
I can't help feeling that we would be better off if the parents of the six hundred and fifty honorable members in Westminster had signed a withdrawal agreement.
Not to worry, life would be less interesting without their idiocy to laugh at.
Have a good weekend.

Richard it works but not very well.

If you wanted to 3D print this I can see if flipping the 'P' horizontally improves things and can supply an Stl. file. It only works perfectly with symmetrical letters. 

Sunday 8 September 2019


I'm still playing in Houdini and failing to get my head round it. I always suspected my mathematics were a little on the weak side of competence but have now proved it.
This is what I'm aiming for, it's from a file I downloaded from GitHub. I am slowly following the excellent tutorials produced by a Japanese chap called Junichoro Horikawa.
I suspect he concentrated whilst in school. I suspect his tutorials will see me out. Mind boggling they are but watching someone write Python fast and explain at the same time is education in itself.

Yesterday I found a couple of pristine Butterflies.

I wonder what this week will bring? Whatever happens enjoy your week.

Sunday 1 September 2019

0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21...........BACK TO BASICS.

My thoughts and actions are getting far too boring for Blogger hence posts tend to get few comments; that's fine with me, the posts also get a bit spread out as I bamboozle myself  by taking ideas from the internet. Too much knowledge is available for me to learn or understand. It's doing my head in. I decided about this time last year, maybe a little later, to learn Python computer scripting. I never got that far as I found animation nodes, drivers in Blender and then discovered Houdini..........What a sack of spiders the latter is.
Not to worry the fungus I found was demolished by a Fox, Deer or Badger, I carried one home.
I am 90% sure it's a Parasol. It's a new one here, for me.

Back to Blender, you are able to write script into it and then transfer the script to animation nodes. It makes things easy if you understand a bit of basic programming. I found out that I don't comprehend the basic maths or the basic programming so thought I would go for something simple like the Fibonacci sequence in the title. Bollocks to complex numbers and trying to convert and then all the integrating of them into a script language I don't speak. I thought a simple bit of adding up would be easypeasy. How wrong can a special needs man be? It should work................
I just write under the blue writing these few lines and it ought to be recognised by the node above. The blue bit just pops an Icosphere into the 3D viewer. One doesn't need to write all that stuff it's a two click job. Blender is just saying how it did it.
I suspect my understanding is incomplete. I may be in the wrong window.
I use Wolfram for relearning stuff. Here is their Sunflower Head. They call them something posh but it is a Fibonacci spiral.
Not too shabby but they ought to have deleted their control sphere. Sunflowers never overlap their bits. Wolfram are an excellent source for formula and if one so desires you can download their free player. If you look at the image above you will see a little plus sign. Click it and it will run an animated sequence in Wolfram software.
All is good we have a Prime Minister who is half competent and there looks to be a brighter future. Have a good week unless you are a democrat who only believes democracy applies when you get the result you want. In which case you are a Marxist and can rot in hell.