I live in a camper van with a West Highland Terrier for company.
My passion is creating images but it is a work in progress.
I am always willing to share what knowledge I have and can be contacted through the comments on this post or e-mail ADRIAN

Sunday 29 December 2019


This video is an easyish one to make. I wanted to get the "HAPPY NEW YEAR" text to dance to music but I'm missing a cunning trick or three. I decided to make this last night and having posted it the dancing text will no doubt be cooperative.
Christmas was excellent, it was spent with the horses, they were all good as gold. I hope you all had a fulfilling day.

This year I've had endless entertainment and some frustration trying to learn to manipulate images. Houdini is too difficult for me so I have decided to continue with my exploration in Blender, that should do my viewing figures a power of good. The next feature to delve into is Blender's Compositor. We will see how I get on.

Here is the 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' video.

 Have a great year.

Friday 20 December 2019


I am unashamedly anti EU. A bloated autocracy. It is the fourth Reich in all but name.
 Can any folk conceive that the bloody French charged a fee for British registered boats to dock up till the mid 1980s. Snowflakes, we bombed a few houses but all the French were in the resistance when we won apart from the majority that weren't. They are twats. Forgive and forget. No. Forgive but never forget.

 It's a problem is having twats  thinking they know best.

 We are now being led by a Boris and not by an idiot who believes that maggots will appear in your orange juice. Silly man, best to treat Momentum as an endless source of amusement. They can be violent so we will always have to be careful, not too careful, most are school teachers or prospective school teachers, children or similar. Many like Jared just get a man to hit a woman, easy but very naughty.

 I don't like the NHS. They discriminated against me as I had been privately treated in the Azores. I then had to object to their standards but then again nobody is perfect. I clean animal accommodation better than the idle sods in the Northern General Sheffield where my mum was. I was lucky found a good bloke with a posh set up to sort me iffish.
 I am good, sixteen years on. If I go tomorrow walking the dogs or shifting horses, their muck and food. No worries. I doubt I'll ever master computers but here is my latest effort.

It may get better or worse but learning computers is my goal. Sod the Krauts. I can't sort Apple as I have never been wealthy enough or puffy enough to own one.
Have a great Christmas.

Sunday 15 December 2019


I have had another go. I have the workflow pretty well sorted now all it needs is a bit of artistic flair and input..........Not my forte.

Here are a few pertinent screen grabs. If you would like further information or explanation then feel free to ask.
World or background nodes.
Colouring in or material nodes.

Merry Christmas animation node tree.

Have a good week and a great Christmas.

Saturday 14 December 2019


This quick video is created with the help of a tutorial from THINKINGPENGUIN.
It does need a fair bit of work from me but I thought I'd post what I have so far.

I would like to add some depth to the text and also control colour as at the moment it is just random as is the text size and animation. This could keep me amused for several hours but the only way I can learn is by playing with the software.
Have fun and I'll help if I can.
Getting better:

Wednesday 11 December 2019


Here is a Christmas card for you all. I have so few readers now that I can send them personalised to their private email addresses. For those I have missed have a great Christmas. Have a great introverted or extrovert Christmas. You can always email me at: adrianwrd@gmail.com; I automatically get your email whatsit.
The forest isn't here I nicked that bit from Pixabay and it is uncannily similar. Definitely in the tropic of cancer. 
I see the ice on Greenland is melting. This is good news. We will find yet more evidence of Viking settlements that have laid under the ice that has now melted and can find that they didn't just rape and pillage but grew stuff and learn't to use sophisticated mathematical concepts. I suspect they grew grape vines there as well. Be a bugger picking grapes with hungry Polar bears about. I guess they survived else lots of us wouldn't be here.
I used to be a socialist but decided after a good slapping to make a point of asking politely for other peoples possessions whether they be their personal bits and pieces or financial.

Have a great Christmas.

Tuesday 10 December 2019


Blender 2.81 is out and has lots more stuff. I have come to expect things to just get better and better. Some things I regularly click on have moved or do something silly but this only adds to the experience but not my vocabulary or that of the dogs. Note to myself (learn to swear in Russian). 
I am trying to use scripts and Animation nodes are a way to cheat. I like the Open Shader Language as it works but there is no way of converting the result to a mesh. Makes sense as it is a shader language, it just paints on a surface. Python can be a bit picky with my inputs because I tend to guess. I am getting a little more used to it and a few lines of script with variables defined using Animation nodes will soon allow me to make a Mandelbulb. Soon is the height of optimism, I am conscious that I haven't got thirty years to piss about. I will try and get my arse in gear. Why bother? I haven't a clue. Having found that my computer can handle calculus including complex numbers all on it's own and I have read not to script square roots but fiddle about with integers.....I'm still mystified. A complex number includes the square root of -1. It must think it a bit funny but gets the job done. God knows how and I started all this malarkey to find out how my machine thinks. The further I delve the more stupid I get to feel.
Blender 2.81 is a stable release not like an Alpha one where lots of unexpected things happen, usually it just crashes.
Could I load Animation nodes into 2.81, could I f...k, I mean no I couldn't. I have come to accept that it isn't always my fault. The ones in GITHUB are not compiled and like all stuff they are OS intolerant. 
Animation nodes are still experimental so I rely on a couple of sites to compile them for me. If it doesn't work today then download a new Blender and a new Animation nodes compilation tomorrow and try again.  Be aware that just deleting the ADD-ON does not remove it from ones computer. Experimental stuff is best removed, along with porn and deleted completely. If anyone is interested I can do quick tutorials on finding odds and ends in directories. I will be doing a 'How I done it' on a simple sin/cos pattern as soon as I've got the job sorted.
Here they are after four days. Remember I am working in state employees time. It actually took about half an hour bookable time in the real world.
 I am away tomorrow to sort a CNC Mig Welder.  Five hours for Adrian the numpty to understand the machine and an hour teaching the lass that thought she could work it. Bookable time two hours and a beer. Plus the bonus of chatting to a fat arsed lass. She would be better employed on a PressBrake. Loading 8mm plate would, if not reduce her lower dimensions at least build the upper. Mathematicians enjoy symmetry.
Have fun, Christmas card is decided upon..............It's proving harder than I anticipated.

Monday 2 December 2019


I have had a grand weekend away. Sunday morning I ventured out on slip-slidey roads to catch the dawn over Loch Leven. I love driving on skiddy surfaces it's like going back to a pre-Greta and Snowflake time. A time when one could enjoy life and being alive.
 I'm not a fan of dawn shots unless the snapper frames something in them. This is a minimalist dawn shot.
 I could hear the geese waiting to depart to ravage the vegans crops and got a quick snap.

We have a new horse, he's ten years old and has been re-christened Bramble. He is a bobby dazzler. He will fit in, all bar two of the current incumbents are nice to him though I had to give Talisker a warning slap, a little tinker is Talisker.

 He doesn't like the camera. He is also unfit and sweaty. Gentle exercise will sort him.
This is Darcy, he is an intelligent beast with not a malign bone in his body. He likes cameras and loves children.............He's most likely a Liberal but fair does I've not caught him at one.

I met our Conservative candidate. Seemed a great bloke but a little wishywashy. I live in a Libdem area but it is currently SNP. They, like the Marxist/Islamic labour folk are beyond despicable.
I do wonder how long it will be before we end up prosecuting someone for voter fraud. My guess is never and that's why I don't vote. I decided forty years ago it was a waste of time. it just encourages the buggers.
I may be far right but this meme I enjoyed.

 I do wonder why Corbyn has not been discreetly disposed of. Most likely because he is an idiot. The Labour party are full of them but they also have the dangerous Trotskies like Seumas Milne. Nasty bit of work he is and bright.
Not to worry Lagarde a tasty but criminal banker is the future in the EU. 
Tomorrow is another day. Carry a Narwhale Tusk or buy one before they are decreed Islamophobic.