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Tuesday, 10 December 2019


Blender 2.81 is out and has lots more stuff. I have come to expect things to just get better and better. Some things I regularly click on have moved or do something silly but this only adds to the experience but not my vocabulary or that of the dogs. Note to myself (learn to swear in Russian). 
I am trying to use scripts and Animation nodes are a way to cheat. I like the Open Shader Language as it works but there is no way of converting the result to a mesh. Makes sense as it is a shader language, it just paints on a surface. Python can be a bit picky with my inputs because I tend to guess. I am getting a little more used to it and a few lines of script with variables defined using Animation nodes will soon allow me to make a Mandelbulb. Soon is the height of optimism, I am conscious that I haven't got thirty years to piss about. I will try and get my arse in gear. Why bother? I haven't a clue. Having found that my computer can handle calculus including complex numbers all on it's own and I have read not to script square roots but fiddle about with integers.....I'm still mystified. A complex number includes the square root of -1. It must think it a bit funny but gets the job done. God knows how and I started all this malarkey to find out how my machine thinks. The further I delve the more stupid I get to feel.
Blender 2.81 is a stable release not like an Alpha one where lots of unexpected things happen, usually it just crashes.
Could I load Animation nodes into 2.81, could I f...k, I mean no I couldn't. I have come to accept that it isn't always my fault. The ones in GITHUB are not compiled and like all stuff they are OS intolerant. 
Animation nodes are still experimental so I rely on a couple of sites to compile them for me. If it doesn't work today then download a new Blender and a new Animation nodes compilation tomorrow and try again.  Be aware that just deleting the ADD-ON does not remove it from ones computer. Experimental stuff is best removed, along with porn and deleted completely. If anyone is interested I can do quick tutorials on finding odds and ends in directories. I will be doing a 'How I done it' on a simple sin/cos pattern as soon as I've got the job sorted.
Here they are after four days. Remember I am working in state employees time. It actually took about half an hour bookable time in the real world.
 I am away tomorrow to sort a CNC Mig Welder.  Five hours for Adrian the numpty to understand the machine and an hour teaching the lass that thought she could work it. Bookable time two hours and a beer. Plus the bonus of chatting to a fat arsed lass. She would be better employed on a PressBrake. Loading 8mm plate would, if not reduce her lower dimensions at least build the upper. Mathematicians enjoy symmetry.
Have fun, Christmas card is decided upon..............It's proving harder than I anticipated.


  1. I thought you said mathematicians enjoy sympathy and was about to give you heaps. Symmetry, on the other hand, I'm afraid, I have none.

  2. I'm never quite sure why I read those posts because although I understand some of the words the order they are in confuses me no no end. Then I come across some vintage Adrian and an entertaining Pauline comment and I know, once again, why I persist.

    1. Graham why I keep plugging away at something I know nothing about I don't know. I should leave all this stuff to Mark who does know what he is doing. He has a head full of brain cells. I have to wait for the two I have to bump into each other for a chat.

  3. What can I add to the above? Nowt really, so I won't!

  4. I did bugger all with the welder. MIG generally uses an Argon shield but the weld penetration was crap. Surface finish was good on high carbon cold rolled steel so I didn't want to up the amps. It needs a dribble of CO². Just heard the silly troglodyte Greta on the radio. Maybe a bottle of C0² would help use some up, we won't need much as it isn't an inert gas about 5%/10% in the gas shield does wonders for penetration.
    Not the welder lassies fault she had just never been told to use mixed gasses on welders. As she said it can't be MIG if the gas has oxygen in it. Quite right she is but the devil drives we environmentalists.