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Tuesday 26 November 2019


I don't have a television and for the last seven months I have been bereft of a functioning radio receiver. I did have a fag packet sized Sony machine that could get everything from SW through FM to LW. I lent it to a lady I took a shine to and haven't seen her or it since. It was a bugger to tune and had a fishing reel of aerial wire which had to be draped just so for SW and a nifty telescopic thing for crap like Jeremy Whine.. Good fun it was but a bit of a pain. I remember purchasing it for mega bucks in about 1990, never felt ripped off. It provided endless entertainment just getting it to receive Meteo Francais but receive it it could even mid Atlantic. I did have trouble understanding all but one of French weather girls but that is because I am crap at French and the other two had funny accents and all French and foreign folk generally speak too fast for me. I suspect the forecast is for French matelots not the English as they always had ladies and if the weather was horrendous the mademoiselles used to add stay safe at the end of their speal. Great they were one felt they were sympathetic. Bloody BBC didn't forecast beyond Finnesterre. A mercy imagine Jeremy Whine doing a forecast.

Last night I decided to invest in a new wireless. I looked up Comet on t'internet. Comet is now Curry's PCWorld, had a look at their DABs, baffled I was so took a trip down to Haldenbeith, parked and entered a world of wonder. They have televisions over a metre across, laptops with minimal capability. Washing machines and bread toasters. An amazing shop. I found a radio I liked the price and specification of, picked it up and all hell broke loose. Staff running, customers standing in shocked immobilisation. I felt like a muzzie or a Dindu with a machete would feel if such pond life were blessed with feelings.
 I was ignorant, totally out of order, fortunately a courageous and delightful young lassie with experience that belied her years came and explained to me that I am supposed to pick a box full of wireless from under the display not grab the one I had decided to purchase from on top of the shelf. Silly me. 
Off we went to the cash counter to pay. It gets better or worse, I asked if she had a Black Friday deal on it as whilst I was looking on t'internet I had twigged a 20% discount was applicable but being old I had been a little remiss in noting the actual numbers and letters on the code. The manager was called. He was called Stevie and looked a bit suspect, soul beard, skin tight jeans, silly hair cut.....Most likely a vegan. He tried scanning loads of bar codes in a ring folder. No luck no 20% for Adrian. He was lovely he knocked 10% off. I even have an email from them saying how pleased they were to have served me. I'll pop back. Lovely girl, why she plucks her eyebrows and then paints a slug over each eye I'll leave to someone capable of doing her justice to explain.
 Here it is, it works and the craic was well worth £22.and a bit. Great store, shop at Curry's Haldenbeath.

Sunday 24 November 2019


For months I have wanted to be able to create proper fractals and have at last succeeded. Blender's EEVEE render engine does not support OSL (Open Shader Language) so you have to use Cycles and the CPU. These will animate but it is fiddly and very slow so here are a selection of still pictures. All this has been made possible by CGMATTER. Brilliant he is.
There are after all my struggles only seventeen lines of code and three of those are just closing the crochets or braces for the sub-programmes. I find it very easy to miss a bit and bits are important apparently.
Here are a few examples:

I am as happy as a dog with two tails and a T-Bone steak.
Now to work out Mandelbrots and a way of desensitising the script controls. I guess a couple of Math nodes will sort this.
Have fun, it never ceases to amaze me that Blender can do so much stuff from modelling through editing video and still images to this malarkey. Endless amusement.

Tuesday 19 November 2019


I have just posted a quick video showing L-System nodes in Blender. I can nearly make it work. It is much easier creating fractals this way than any of the alternatives that I have found.

If anyone is interested in pursuing this then there are a couple of links in the video description.
Have fun.