I live in a camper van with a West Highland Terrier for company.
My passion is creating images but it is a work in progress.
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Sunday 30 June 2019


The Campers were all sorted for ten this morning so I decided on a trip to Methyl to see the vintage rally.
 It was great, a small show with some very high quality exhibits. The dogs enjoyed meeting new canines so a good morning was had by all. The highlight of Alf's outing was provided by a little girl who dropped her burger. She grabbed him and rescued it from his jaws but her mum made her give it him back. She was quite happy dividing it between Alf, Moll and a Collie that paused in it's perambulations to share the unexpected bounty. Poor lass she could have eaten it as Alf only had a little bite out of it. She did learn to say gently before feeding them tiny bits. Took her ages to dole it out as equally as she could manage by eye.
A Sentinel steam wagon and a 3 ton Bedford.
The heritage railway was also open but I didn't go into that bit, I prefer visiting that on a Tuesday when one can usually find folk working and have a look round.

I think this is a Royal Enfield Model A. This is a two stroke so I'm a little confused. I thought by 1939 they were all four strokes but not to worry it is perfect.
The star of the show.
A 1914 Swift Cyclecar. This is a famous car and the sports model with a twin cylinder engine, I seem to recall that front brakes were an optional extra. The brass cylinder on the running board is an acetylene generator to power the lights.
Have an enjoyable week. I'll sort some more images and post a part two.

Saturday 29 June 2019


There is life after the news.
 I try to get on with what  bits of life I have left. I would like to start proper work again but suspect I'm too feeble, I like to do stuff that requires having had to think about it first.

 On the news the other morning the BMA were wanting to treat all comers for free. I thought how altruistic of them. On further investigation they just wanted to abdicate the responsibility of deciding who was entitled and who isn't but still wanted their monies. Not proper work at all, Typical lefty tossers. One will rarely find a socialist working for nothing no matter how much they earn or how useless they are. It always has to be me, me, me and if all else fails the Union. The NHS is a cash cow for leftards. It needs privatising to be fit for purpose. What other country has one as daft as ours?

I see some brain dead idiot thought it a good idea to swim the Rio Grande with a two year old stuffed up his jumper. I suspect some pervy NGO employee encouraged his reckless behaviour. Never mind it made good Trump bashing copy. The American presidents since Kennedy have been trying to stop the buggers invading but to listen to the news it is all Trump's fault. Obumma was very vocal on the matter, but as always with him it only got to the gobby bit, good speaker, crap golfer but what the heck he was a lefty mixed race twat. Trump is a twat but can hardly be held responsible for the decision of a retard who was a very poor swimmer. What he can be castigated for is not putting a stop to the importation of low IQ dross. He should also attack the perpetrators, the NGOs.There is a reason why some of the most productive  areas of our planet are shit holes. Folk living in them are lazy and most are a bit thick. They wouldn't even be at the border were it not for NGOs.

I have given up with the Honda CBX 1050, I balanced the carbs as best I could with my left ear; my right ear is a bit waxy. I got them sounding the same through a little funnel and a yard of plastic pipe. I re-timed it, new plugs, leads,  points and capacitors and BINGO it revved to 7000 rpm and dropped back to a lumpy tick over at about 800 rpm. That would have done me. Beautiful as they are they don't stop or go round corners. It's away to a proper Honda man. They are worth the money as they sound wonderful. Never got a ride...Miserable bugger.
My primary time filler has been animation nodes in blender. I am getting a feel for what does what but doubt I'll ever be any good at utilising them. The dogs have had a hair cut and look wonderful.
This is Molly sitting in a trefoil that I constructed and applied smoothing to. The wonders of Blender. Who would have thought dialling in a smoothing node would send my beautiful trefoil stupid?
I have loads of animation node stuff to share......some of which works a bit. I wish I could have a go in Maya as it appears hers does. Maya is very expensive and hardly justifiable if my thingy only works now and again. I hate being old.

This is as simple as a 3D curve gets.....I think even spirals and the other ones. Oh aye... Helixi or Helixes take much more typing in and whats more, typing in in the right place. Programming is a bit sniffy if you get it wrong. Pity the buggers don't have spill chucker.
Done it, looks okay to me. Bar the smoothing....Bloody Blender. Nasty little creases. I have sorted them and am halfway to a little demo video. Sad I am.
Have a good week.

Sunday 23 June 2019


Animation nodes have been giving me a few more hours entertainment. I'm still following tutorials by Chris Penninger. This one is a bit more complicated but far from impossible. The render is a bit iffy it could do with a noise generator into the world texture to simulate the sparks lighting the environment. I'll have a go at polishing the job up whilst it's raining tomorrow.
 This node tree is a bit more complex.
Here is the video:
It needs more work but I'm happy to have got this far.
Have a good week.

Friday 21 June 2019


This week has been a little tedious. The Conservatives brightened it up by finding a complete idiot and fantasist to stand for Prime Minister. He didn't last long, more is the pity. Great he was and the fragrant Beth Rigby dabbing her tears of woe at Rory's demise were a sight to behold. The Reeeing in the MSM was great.

I have found something new to learn. I am using or starting to use animation nodes in Blender 2.80. The problem is that the node add-on is in development and Blender is still in Beta. The chap who designed them is a real star. JACQUES LUCKE. They are great and save writing loads of script or hours of manual key framing. Unfortunately I couldn't make them work, I assume it is more my cack handedness and lack of nous rather than his programming. After a few hours frustration I found an Austrian chap called Chris Prenninger, he has had much more success than I have and now has his own build of Jacques script. If you click the link he explains it for idiots like me. Pity all teachers aren't in his league. It would help were I a bit more computer literate but I keep struggling on and learning.
This looks a mess cos it is a mess but even getting the render was a brain teaser. I had to use viewport render or Blender crashed. The joys of bumbling about in new software.
I've done a little video. I think it may help. There again it may not.
Have a good weekend.

Saturday 15 June 2019


I am a bad workman, I blame the tools.
I have decided that fSpy needs much more work. The big problem is that I can't select wire frame in Blender 2.80 when modelling without losing the reference image.
I set up what I thought would be something simple to model and projection paint but it doesn't really work.
When imported into Blender it gets worse. I could run it through twice to camera match the table but is it worth the hassle? Not for me it isn't. It was worth a look but I now know why folk charge a fortune for laser mapping stuff.
Yesterday the car passed it's MOT. It needed a ball joint on the steering arm and cost rather a lot but far less then Renault would charge. Changing a ball joint is a thirty minute job. It's a grand garage. A proper car repair shop.

I like to use these places. The staff never vary and it doesn't cost a fortune to book the car in. Here there is a friendly one and a grumpy old man, both are fine as I'm a grumpy old man. Nice to find a kindred spirit and not get ripped off. It has a shop selling tobacco so they are doing their bit to keep nurses employed. Were the InterNational Health Service privatised then non would be forced to visit food banks. They would be on mega bucks or the dole.
This morning I was what photographers call.... Well out of my comfort zone. I am crap at taking pictures of moving things in bad light without using strobes. I love strobes. They freeze the moment... Perfeck, no calkulation rekwired, a bit of time setting up for the gizmo to trigger them. I love the mega bucks Pocket Wizard; it works a treat but apparently horses don't like strobes. There are lots of things horses object to. Some, even in Scotland, are spooked by umbrellas, IronBrew cans and helicopters. If I owned a horse I'd teach it to love everything.  Here are a few snaps taken of folk having fun.
Nice horse. Stunning lady. A bit dour but then many Scots are. 
 Young Children. Their mums do their hair. The horse is called Darcy Carole does Darcy's hair.
 A little bit older girl. She is good at this vaulting. I think the horse is a Bay. It is beautiful. I could be wrong but I seem to recall that Bays are any shade of brown but with black mane and tail. This is a belter of a horse.
Here it is again I liked this horse.
This is the same lass that I snapped first. I have an eye and a knack for spotting talent, very photogenic, no Photoshop curves adjustments required here.

Enjoy your week. 
If like me you struggle to post and keep getting ditched as unacceptable to the EU content directives. Press escape, Log in again and carry on. It's a pain but the EUSSR aren't the brightest. The twats just take money for doing nothing. Bastards and Twats they are.

Wednesday 12 June 2019


I see middle England has suffered an inundation. Hope you are all okay in your wellies and coracles, try not to worry, as Michael Fish would say. "It will be all water over the bridge by Friday."
I have been playing with some free software called fSpy. It allows one to use a reference image and 3D model onto a grid corrected for perspective and scale. If anyone would like to know more than the following video shows then either Google fSpy Tutorials or ask. The basics are not difficult but one has to be careful.
The video is a little protracted as I was thinking whilst recording it, no problem; most of my videos are a bit amateur so nothing has changed.

Here are a few more images from the Classic Car Show at Errol.
 This breakdown lorry is interesting. It's powered by a Flathead Ford V8. It was built in 1933 and is designated Ford SV-V8, the SV standing for side valve. I looked it up and there are a couple of videos featuring it but they are from New Zealand. What it's doing in Perthshire I have no idea. Their loss is our gain.
 Here are a pair of Fordson Majors. The nearest is interesting as it has a Perkins six cylinder diesel. Someone must have offered this conversion as I have seen one or two other examples. Perkins Diesels are from Peterborough, a town that can claim notoriety for having 60% of votes cast being postal. Import the third world and become a banana republic or in this case caliphate.
Another Fordson, this time a Super Major.
That's all for today, try and stay above the water.

Sunday 9 June 2019


This morning I visited a classic car show at Errol. It's not far away but the journey is quite a drag either via Perth or Dundee. Pity there isn't a ferry across the Tay. I made the mistake of taking the dogs. They aren't bad but are a bit of a pain on the lead, it's not something they are accustomed to.
I'll show some nicely restored bikes today.
 AJS 18? 500cc SINGLE.
BSA B33? 500cc SINGLE.
I think these are all from around 1950 but there was very little information, Perhaps I ought to have purchased the programme. 
I do have some more images and as I have bitten off more than I understand in Blender you may get drip fed the rest. I am using a free programme called FSpy to convert 2D images into 3D scenes and trying to learn projection painting. It's a fascinating business and I bet you can hardly contain yourselves whilst awaiting the results.
Enjoy the week.

Tuesday 4 June 2019


President Trump is here and I wish I had more time to savour the Socialist hypocrisy,  maybe lunacy but I suspect it's just cognitive dissidence, two words for ignorant. It is fine for the left to meet Xi Jinping but then they seem to hold tyrants in high regard and can only dream of having such power here. Even Obama was lauded by the left and worse still the harridan Hilary. I just fail to understand but then I must be thick or Hitler. Obama did far more damage to millions of South Americans at the border. He droned and bombed his way through the middle east. To the social Justice Warriors the lazy Obama and the crooked Hilary are heroes or maybe heroines. Never been sure what Obama is.
This bloke looks like a leader. He does what leaders do, he chats to folk. Our future king looks like a wazzock. He's never seen anyone stop and chat to a squaddie. Never too late late to learn you bumptious cuckold.

 I'm not intelligent like a skool master with an A-Level in Geography and another in art. For the record my A-levels were a great disappointment to my parents, to my science master and the head of mathematics, I was coerced into to taking four exams. Physics, Applied Maths, Pure Maths and chemistry but I ditched the latter voluntarily. I wanted to go to Loughborough because they had rugby and a posh engineering faculty, they wanted two Bs and a C I knew I wasn't clever enough for MIT. The Mankies wanted straight As and though offered a place at Aston the thought of three years or more in Birmingham appalled me. I was a little miffed to get two Cs and an F but then I did next to no work as things like girls, running, working and climbing were occupying me full time. Speschully the girls. I regarded the examination boards marking as fairish. These days I could claim speschul needs. I was Totty fixated but a virgin, even the noted easy ones declined my best fumbles. Don't regret anything but the rugby, I missed not experiencing that. 

It seems the left are put off by rain. Frightened of a wash I suspect. 
Lots of sticks and paper going to waste. I trust not into landfill.
 Despite her foul writing I would. I hear much the same when loading sheep or cattle. Bet a pound to a penny she is a poppet but isn't talking to the heifer that just kicked her or has ever seen one. Still suit me were she to play her cards right.
 Unlike this. Happen never done that much work or washing.
This is brilliant. I don't think she needed a placard. Happen it's to inform The Hope not Soap lot. I know folk that have married far worse looking lasses. I doubt they held a placard like this up, must be a vegan asexual thing with embarrassing smelly bits.
I hold no particular feelings about Donald Trump, I don't know the bloke. The left have to have things to hate. It justifies their own inadequacy and helps them sleep at night.
 It will be interesting to see if the MSM changes with the rise of The Brexit Party. I have voted for TBP and we'll see if they can control Globalism. I doubt it, Farage is what he is a populist a bit like Corbyn but without the urge to stand next to murderers to get a stiffy on. Populist has to be better than the same old three party system. The danger is the Liberals will win, the Perverts and Paedo Party but it's not exclusive they have the most but all politicians are suspect.  A clean sweep of the Aegean Stables that is Westminster is required then I will attack the new lot.
It's just fun.
All images were borrowed.